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Many species of lemurs are either critically endangered or threatened, it’s important to take time to remind the public about these fascinating and interesting primate creatures. Give a lemur a moment, or an entire 24 hours, by celebrating World Lemur Day! 

History of World Lemur Day

Launched in collaboration with the first World Lemur Festival held in Antananarivo, Madagascar, the inaugural World Lemur Day was celebrated in 2014. First held only in the capital city, the event was established to raise awareness about the value of lemurs, specifically as they relate to the heritage of the country of Madagascar. The hope was that the Malagasy people would take pride in the lemurs while also educating people about lemurs, promoting lemur conservation and improving the local economy through tourism.

The following year, the fever for World Lemur Day caught on and the event was celebrated by organizations, individuals and zoos from all around the world. Each year, the impact of the event has grown, with representation in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and so many other places all over the globe.

World Lemur Day has been an exciting annual event that has grown to include live events as well as virtual campaigns that have not only raised awareness but also contributed finances to help with protection and care for lemurs. Each year, a new logo is chosen to represent the events, featuring renditions of lemurs from talented artists.

How to Celebrate World Lemur Day

Enjoy and appreciate this unique part of the animal kingdom by participating with World Lemur Day. Check out some of these interesting activities to get involved with:

Visit Madagascar

As the native place where lemurs reside, visiting the island country off the coast of southern African might be a good way to engage with World Lemur Day. Plus, it’s the right place to go to participate in the famed World Lemur Festival as well. While there, consider some time to enjoy the local wildlife and show appreciation for the place that lemurs call home.

Those who can’t just drop everything and take a trip to Madagascar (because, admittedly, it’s not easy to get to), can still connect with the events by watching the World Lemur Festival online. Check out YouTube videos for access to past celebrations of the day. 

Learn Fun Facts About Lemurs 

Have loads of fun celebrating World Lemur Day by getting informed and educated about this cute little creature. Do some research online, check out a book from the library, or take a look and share some of these bits of trivia about lemurs in honor of the day:

  • There are more than 100 different species of lemurs, all with different features, shapes and sizes

  • The lemur society is female-dominant, with one female lemur rising to the center when needing to direct a social group

  • Lemurs are one of the only primates that can have blue eyes, and the blue-eyed black lemur is one of the most threatened species of this animal

  • It is believed that the lemur is the world’s oldest living primate

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