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Dog’s are certainly a best friend to humans, but those four paws can certainly get caked with dirt, mud and other things dragged in from outside! Muddy Dog Day is here to show appreciation for – and maybe laugh a little about – the mess that dogs can make which their owners have to clean up. Especially on a rainy, muddy day! 

History of Muddy Dog Day

Muddy Dog Day is a fairly recently established event that got its start in 2021. The brains behind the day was Jo Milnes who is the owner of Distinctive Pets in the United Kingdom. The idea behind Muddy Dog Day was birthed out of the pandemic when Milnes thought it would be fun for people to get online and share all sorts of different pictures of their decidedly muddy dogs!

The inaugural year of Muddy Dog Day brought with it not only a slew of different people who shared pictures of their muddy canine buddies on social media outlets, but participants could also be part of a contest where they could win prizes.

Whether those dogs are just splashing around daintily in some puddles or they’ve gone all in and are rolling around like a pig in a sty, don’t miss the opportunity to snap a photo and then share it in celebration of Muddy Dog Day!

How to Celebrate Muddy Dog Day

Dog owners – and everyone else too – can have fun observing Muddy Dog Day with some of these ideas:

Share Muddy Dog Photos

Of course, the best way to celebrate this day, a way that Rover might really love, would be to get that pup outside in the mud and start having a photo shoot! It would be smart to get dressed up in some old clothes first, of course, and be prepared with a hose and plenty of towels so that everyone can get cleaned up before it’s time to go inside again.

Once those photos are taken, be sure to share them on Facebook or Instagram with the corresponding hashtag and enjoy the attention gained by that cute muddy dog!

Check Out Muddy Dog Photos

Those who don’t have their own dog but want to look at pics of other muddy dogs can hop online to “ooh and aah” about some of the cute little (or big!) mud-covered canines that make it to the internet on this day. It’s a great place to look at other people’s cute and muddy dogs, without having to do any personal cleanup!

Not sure how to find pics for Muddy Dog Day? Try the day name or hashtag in the search box to get a view of all of them in one place.

Make “Muddy Buddies” Snacks

Sure, it looks like a snack a dog could eat, and is even sometimes referred to as “puppy chow”, but this treat is distinctively human. Made with a base of rice or corn cereal squares and then adding a peanut butter chocolate mixture, topped with powdered sugar, it’s a delicious treat for Muddy Dog Day. Of course, it’s not quite as messy as a muddy dog might be – but it’s probably quite a bit tastier!

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