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Enjoy a cozy warm dish of saffron rice complemented by ripe peppers, juicy tomatoes and an array of other tasty ingredients. World Paella Day is an ideal opportunity for those taste buds to soak up some deliciousness through this trademark of traditional Spanish cuisine. 

History of World Paella Day

Paella is a tasty Spanish dish with a background that can be traced back at least to the 18th century, originating in the area around Valencia. The story goes that this most universal dish from Spanish culture was likely made by farmers who simply made a lunch out of the food they happened to have in their hands: rice, tomatoes, onions, and even snails! Other ingredients were added as they were accessible, including beans, and the meals were cooked over an open fire.

Iterations of paella have evolved over time, spreading throughout the world with the diaspora of Spanish people. When the mid-20th century brought a boost of tourism to Spain, paella became a dish synonymous with the culture there.

Sometimes called the International Day of Paella, this event was founded by a group of folks in Valencia, Spain, eager to share their love of this native dish with the world. The inaugural World Paella Day dates back to 2018 and, as the event grows each year, the organizers invite participants to learn, taste, and enjoy all things related to paella!

How to Celebrate World Paella Day

Looking for ideas on how to spend World Paella Day? Consider some of these activities and ideas for getting involved:

Master the Art of Making Paella

More than just throwing ingredients into a pan, to truly embrace paella it is important to see making it as a form of art! Not only is paella a dish that has amazing flavor combinations, but it is also a thing of beauty for the eyes. Made with colorful ingredients, this dish is inspired by the hues of the Spanish flag: red peppers, red tomatoes and yellow saffron rice.

Head to Valencia for World Paella Day

No other place on earth could be quite as authentic to celebrate World Paella Day than heading over to the city of its origins, Valencia. Situated on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea, this beautiful location is the ideal background for enjoying a heaping dish filled with authentic and delicious paella. During this event and the days surrounding it, residents of Valencia will be preparing to welcome visitors from all around the globe, so this would be a great time to join in on the fun!

Attend World Paella Day Events

Those culinary fans who can’t make it to Europe for this event don’t need to despair! Because this is a worldwide event, participants can attend World Paella Day activities in many different cities each year. Past cities have included New York, Tokyo, Stockholm, Miami, Abu Dhabi, Peking, Bombay and more. Check out the World Paella Day website for more information about official competitions and other activities.  

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