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For those who are of the opinion that there are not enough days set aside to celebrate fictional vigilantes, who dress up as flying creatures in order to tackle crime, then this day is here just for such an occasion. Because there is at least one such date set aside every year – Batman Day! 

History of Batman Day

For more than eighty years, a guy in a mask with pointy ears and a dark cape has been revered as a protector of justice on the streets of Gotham City. Way back on July 23, 1939, Batman first made his appearance in Detective Comics #27, when comic books were all the rage. Kids of the era, and even some adults, couldn’t get enough of these graphic stories that depicted good overcoming evil in a dramatic and exciting way.

Since those early (and, admittedly, rudimentary) comic book appearances, Batman has grown into one of the world’s best-loved and most recognizable fictional characters. He has become the focal point of a wide range of media including television shows, animated cartoons, video games and even Hollywood blockbuster films.

The first Batman Day was originally situated on the anniversary of the character’s first ever appearance in 1939. While in the first year, in 2014, the day was observed on July 23 as the 75th anniversary, the following year the day was moved back by a few months to the third Saturday in September. This move was made for practical reasons: to coincide with San Diego’s Comic-Con.

The purpose of Batman Day is simply to celebrate all things related to this comic book superhero who has quietly made his way to television and even the big screen over the decades of his existence.

Do you possess some Batman-related comic books, video games or DVDs? Are you the proud owner of a Batman fancy dress costume that rarely gets used? Whatever the case, why not find a way to celebrate Gotham City’s greatest detective on Batman Day?!

How to Celebrate Batman Day

Show some appreciation for Bruce Wayne and his alter ego by celebrating Batman Day with some of these fun ideas:

Read Some Batman Comic Books

Whether looking at some classic comic books or a more modern version, Batman Day is the perfect time to grab up some stories and get to reading! Head over to a comic book store, a vintage book store, or even the public library to see what sort of Batman versions can be found. It might even be possible to dig some up in Uncle Stan’s attic or find a box full at a yard sale!

Attend Comic-Con

One amazing way to celebrate Batman Day might be to score tickets in advance and then head over to San Diego to celebrate their quintessential convention of comics. Batman is just one of the myriad of superheroes and other characters who are featured at this celebration of all things comic related at the officially titled Comic Arts Conference (CAC), which is otherwise known as Comic-Con.

Watch Some Batman Films

With a collection of films beginning in the 1980s, Batman Day offers plenty of opportunities to celebrate by catching this caped crusader in live action on the big screen. Have a Batman movie marathon, whether starting with the original and working through them in order of release date, or just picking and choosing a favorite actor.

Check out some of these movies in celebration of Batman Day:

  • Batman: The Movie (1966) starring Adam West. This one is certainly campy and also offers a fun adventure without so much dark depiction.
  • Batman (1986) featuring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. The first silver screen adaptation of the character was a groundbreaking film by Tim Burton.
  • Batman Begins (2005) with Christian Bale. This film is a re-thinking of the series with a gritty origin story.
  • The Lego Batman Movie (2017) voiced by Will Arnett. Obviously quite a departure, this movie is a beloved part of the array of Batman films.

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