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Globally, less than 2% of consumer packaging is reusable, which means that a large portion of it is ending up in landfills. And even the items that are recycled take up a great deal of energy to make the processes work. This event focuses on the reduction in consumer products packaging that isn’t refillable, and the reuse of those that are. The big push is for companies and governments to change their laws and processes, but individuals can also get involved in this important call-to-action!

Consumer advocates, brand representatives, community groups and everyday activists are all invited to make a difference by banding together and supporting the efforts of World Refill Day!

History of World Refill Day

World Refill Day got its start in 2021 as part of a refill initiative that began in the UK with the desire to reduce waste, particularly plastic. The intention of this conservation effort is to encourage people to be more aware of the waste of single-use products, more conscientious about the products they choose to consume, and more actively involved in remembering to refill rather than purchase.

The event is part of a larger movement to end single-use containers, sponsored by ‘Refill’ and ‘City to Sea Campaign’ which works to make it easier to live life with less plastic. The campaign is calling for not only consumers to do better, but also for companies to work harder in their manufacturing processes.

The call of the Refill movement is for 5% of packaging to be reusable by 2026 and 30% by 2030, in the UK and throughout the world. The effort is to make a change in legislation with legally binding targets for reduction and reuse. In addition, the movement is asking for policy makers to support the Reuse Manifesto provided on the Refill movement website. 

How to Celebrate World Refill Day

Make a big difference in eco-friendly and sustainability by celebrating World Refill Day with some of these ideas:

Use Refillable Items

Reusable water bottles and coffee cups are just the beginning of the ways consumers can act in honor of World Refill Day. Create new habits in shopping that include purchasing from companies that offer refills of hand soaps, laundry detergents, cosmetics, household cleaners and more. In addition, avoid purchasing fruit, vegetable and other produce items that are sold in single-use plastic containers, instead opting for those that are package free.

Change Take Away Food Habits

Studies have shown that take-away food containers are among the top ten items that are found on beaches around the world after washing up from the ocean. Either choose to pack a lunch from home that allows reusable containers or, when eating out, choose a place that uses real dishes and a dishwasher instead of getting everything in to-go containers.

Advocate for World Refill Day

As a concerned consumer, consider World Refill Day as an opportunity to use that voice to make a difference with some favorite companies. Grab some friends, do some petition signing and call upon brands and companies to start treating the planet more responsibly by offering more sustainable packaging options–both on this day and all throughout the year!

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