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In the midst of talk about conservation and sustainability, many people are working hard to provide opportunities and spaces for nature to grow and thrive in its wild and wonderful ways.

Embracing solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges, the concept of rewilding is all about giving space back to nature and helping the planet to heal.

World Rewilding Day is a day set aside to remind all humans that they have the power to be collaborative healers and restorers of nature through the actions they take, whether large or small!

History of World Rewilding Day

World Rewilding Day is a fairly recent event that got its start in 2021. The event was founded by the Global Rewilding Alliance (GRA) to improve public awareness about the need for nature conservation and the restoration of wild spaces.

This event is set to coincide with what is typically the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere, and the autumnal equinox in the southern hemisphere.

World Rewilidng Day comes at a great time for people all over to consider this seasonal change as a motivator to consider actions and activities that can help build back into the wilderness.

Each year, the organizers of World Rewilding Day supply a theme that helps to lend focus to the annual event and also function as a hashtag for social media purposes.

Some of the past themes have included important ideas such as “Rewilding Hope” and “Hope Into Action”.

How to Celebrate World Rewilding Day

Bring the world back into the wild and have a hand in restoring nature through some activities on World Rewilding Day and all throughout the year:

Commit to Helping Nature Heal

One of the most important activities that anyone can do in celebration of World Rewilding Day is to consider ways they can be a healing agent for nature.

This means giving space back to the wild and encouraging more wilderness to grow.

Whether this includes a small plot of land that is personally owned or advocating for rewilding of larger public spaces, this event is a time to dream about – and then implement plans toward – bringing nature back to its previous self.

Connect with Other Rewilders

An important aspect of World Rewilding Day is the opportunity it provides to foster relationships and bring together those who are interested in rewilding.

This might include individuals who want to start a rewilding group in their community or those who work as advocates for the rewilding of public lands.

In honor of this day, take some time to connect with other rewilders, brainstorming ideas and committing to work together to provide nature the space it needs to heal.

Join the Global Rewilding Alliance

One way to get involved with this event is by hopping on the website for the Global Rewildling Alliance and learning more about its collaboration with the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

Get more information and get connected with others who are also interested in mainstreaming rewilding in the areas of science, policy, and practice in celebration of World Rewilding Day!

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