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Overcoming various culture or language barriers, Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) is a game that can be understood and played by almost anyone, regardless of their age, gender or other differences – and without cost or equipment! Rock Paper Scissors Day is meant to bring people together, bonding them over the fun that can be had from this simple game that is considered to be one of the oldest in the world!

History of World Rock Paper Scissors Day

World Rock Paper Scissors Day can trace its beginnings back to 2014 when it was founded by the World Rock Paper Scissors Association, which is located in Ottawa, Canada. According to the association, Rock Paper Scissors is one of the most accessible, inclusive games on the planet and this day is meant to celebrate the fact that it can bring the world together for some delightful, good-natured fun!

How to Celebrate World Rock Paper Scissors Day

Keep it simple and show some love for this classic game that can be used for fun or for making big decisions. Celebrate World Rock Paper Scissors Day by getting started with some of these ideas:

Host a Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

During a break at school, or perhaps even in the boardroom during a decision making process at work , it might be fun to create opportunities for playing a round of RPS. Those who are of the competitive sort might want to build a bracket with challenges and champions where the winners receive a prize!

Get Involved with the World Rock Paper Scissors Association

An excellent way for lovers of the Rock Paper Scissors game is to get connected with and show support for the World Rock Paper Scissors Association, which is also the group that founded this day. Through the organization, people can sign up to become members, join professional sports leagues, get access to exclusive content and so much more. Membership is free so there are no barriers between lovers of the game and joiners of the association! 

Watch Some Shows That Feature Rock Paper Scissors

This world-renowned game is so simple but used so frequently that it has been featured in a number of different pop culture scenarios over the years, including famous big screen movies as well as favorite television shows and music videos – like Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” from 2014.

In honor of World Rock Paper Scissors Day, check out some of these shows that have included scenes about RPS:

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2019). In season 6 episode 5, “A Tale of Two Bandits”, Rosa and Jake play Rock Paper Scissors to decide who has to report a crime to the family. 
  • Friends (2003) This hit sitcom uses the game in season 10 episode 8, “The One With the Late Thanksgiving”, when Joey and Phoebe make up their own rules to the game by adding fire and a water balloon. 
  • The Big Bang Theory (2008) In season 2 episode 8 of this show, Sheldon explains to Raj his expansion on the game to include a lizard and Spock. 

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