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Sand dunes are natural landscapes that can be found wherever loose sand is blown, most typically in deserts or on beaches. They serve as a habitat for many interesting and rare species of animals and plants, as well as acting as a place of recreation for people from local communities or further afield. But due to activities by humans as well as erosion, sand dunes in some places may be under threat. 

The hope of World Sand Dune Day is to draw attention to these amazing natural features and encourage individuals, families and communities to get involved in caring for them in a protective, restorative way.

History of World Sand Dune Day

World Sand Dune Day was started in 2021 as a collaboration between two organizations, Dynamic Dunescapes and Sands of LIFE, both projects which are working to protect and restore coastal sand dune systems in the UK. In Ireland, the day is celebrated and supported by the organization called Clean Coasts. Other communities and organizations dedicated to sand dunes also celebrate this day in places all throughout the globe.

This event was founded with the purpose of highlighting the importance of sand dunes for their various ways they serve the ecosystems. This includes biodiversity, acting as a home to many different species of plants and animals, as well as serving as a barrier from waves and surges. In addition, World Sand Dune Day also highlights the recreation that sand dunes provide for humans.

How to Celebrate World Sand Dune Day

Consider some of these ideas for how to get started with celebrating World Sand Dune Day:

Attend World Sand Dune Day Events in the UK

The different organizations that support World Sand Dune Day will host various events and activities at different sites. The schedule changes each year and is based on location, but some activities might include explorations, tours, crafts for kids, spider hunts, butterfly walks, bird walks, orchid walks, art workshops for adults and so much more! Check out the activities calendar at your local sand dune for more information, or find event listings by location at the Dynamic Dunescapes website

Visit a Sand Dune Area in the US

An excellent way to celebrate World Sand Dune Day might be to head over to the closest national park or other sand dune and pay a visit. While there, be sure to follow all of the safety and conservation rules, and also don’t forget to clean up after yourself! Check out some of these popular sand dune destinations in the US:

  • Pacific City Sand Dunes in Oregon 
  • Algodones Dunes and Imperial Sand Dunes in California
  • Jockey’s Ridge State Park Sand Dunes in North Carolina
  • Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park in Michigan 

Support a Sand Dune Charity

Those who aren’t up for a visit to a sand dune park but would like to participate in the day can certainly make a difference by providing a donation to a worthy cause. Different charities have been started to protect the sand dunes in different states and countries around the world. Find out through an online search which one is local and then get connected!

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