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If you were ever a scout as a kid, running outdoors, learning about animals and plants, and camping in the wilderness was a huge and exciting part of your childhood. If you have your scouting gear hanging up in the closet gathering dust, then it is time to put it on because this is World Scout Scarf Day, a day where you can wear your scarf and remember your pride as a Boy/Girl scout!

History of World Scout Scarf Day

This scoutful holiday was created through a collaboration of Scout groups worldwide since 2007. It encourages current and former scouts to wear their scarves in pride as a symbol of the Scout’s promise and the spirit of Scouting. The Scout’s promise is about being in the spirit of upholding Scout law, which includes being loyal, trusted, helpful to others, and obeys orders. The date of the event commemorates the first scout group to be ever created, which was located on Brownsea Island in 1907.

This holiday is part of a collection of holidays inspired by the Scouting movement during the first half of the twentieth century, which all started when a lieutenant general of the British Army named Robert Baden-Powell wrote a book for boys about scouting, called Scouting for Boys.

Once this book was published in 1907, many scouting groups started appearing all throughout Great Britain and eventually the rest of the world. Specifically, since the scout scarf is a symbol of the Scout’s Promise, and for those who have pride in their Scout membership, this day is one of the perfect days for people all over the world to show off their scarfs and be proud of their Scout history.

On social media, there are competitions and videos from local scouting groups that show off these scarfs in the celebration to see who has the most pride.

How to celebrate World Scout Scarf Day

The easiest way to participate is if you have been a scout, then wear your scarf throughout the day. If you aren’t a scout, then tell people you know about any stories of scouts you know, and possibly join your local scout group. You can also support those local scout groups by contacting youth officers, volunteer with local activities that they plan to do and see if your kids can join in on the fun (if you have kids, of course). Hashtag #WorldScoutScarfDay on social media and let everyone know that today is the day to celebrate Scout pride!