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An estimated one billion people in the world suffer from spinal pain, and the spine is the largest single cause of disability on the planet. World Spine Day seeks to promote effective prevention and management of the spine, encouraging people to be kind to their spines!

History of World Spine Day

So that the people of the world can become more aware of the need to pay attention to spinal health, World Spine Day was founded in 2008 by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC). The campaign for the day is meant to motivate governments, communities and public health bodies to be more committed to tackling the problem of spinal pain.

Each year’s celebration of World Spine Day offers a theme for participants to focus on, with past themes including Every Spine Counts, Back 2 Back, Back on Track, and Your Back in Action.

With more than 800 official organizational supporters all over the globe, World Spine Day aims to help promote spinal health. One important factor that is a struggle for many people suffering from spinal pain and discomfort is the fact that people in many parts of the world do not have access to dedicated spinal health care professionals. 

World Spine Day is the time for individuals, health professionals and community leaders all over the world to promote healthier spines in children and adults!

How to Celebrate World Spine Day

It’s possible to get involved with celebrating and observing World Spine Day in a healthy manner in a variety of ways. Consider some of these ideas for observing this important day:

See a Chiropractor or Massage Therapist

Those who are concerned about the health of their spine may want to see a doctor about it. Chiropractors can help diagnose underlying problems that may be causing back pain, determining the best course of action to correct the pain. In addition, massage therapists can help reduce back pain problems by relieving the stressful, tense muscle areas in the back.

Learn More About Promoting Spine Health

When a person’s spine and back is in good health, people typically don’t even notice or pay attention to it. But the moment it begins not working so well, it can be difficult, painful and even debilitating. Here are some important factors involved in spine health that not everyone might know:

  • Using a firm or medium-firm mattress helps the spine. Rather than having a soft mattress that doesn’t offer support, try upgrading your mattress.

  • Core muscles help support the spine. Exercising the abs and back muscles allows the spine to be better supported and keeps it healthy. 

  • Choosing supportive shoes is important. Shoes that are supportive and keep the foot from rolling to the side are best.

  • Practice healthy sitting. When possible, limit the amount of time spent sitting to keep from aggravating the spine and making back pain worse. When it is necessary to sit, don’t forget to practice good ergonomics by using good posture and sitting in a good chair.

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