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Celebrate the beauty and evolution of ink and body art by getting involved with and participating in World Tattoo Day!

History of World Tattoo Day

Tattoos can be traced back through thousands of years in history, with evidence found on mummies from 2000 or even 3000 BC. No one is exactly sure of the meaning of these ancient tattoos, but they were mostly made up of dotted patterns and found on women.

In modern history, the presence of a tattoo may have indicated that a man had been a sailor, a prisoner or part of a motorcycle gang (or perhaps all three!). Sometimes worn as a sort of badge of an adventurous life, tattoos were often frowned upon by “polite society” with such permanent markings on the body usually indicating something nefarious.

But a cultural shift has taken place over recent decades, as tattoos are now often viewed as more of a form of personal expression, individual values, and artwork. The first world tattoo convention was held in 1976 and, since that time, the acceptance of tattoos has been growing all around the world.

In 2015, the first World Tattoo Day was celebrated in cooperation with partners and supporters, with the hope and purpose of building stronger relationships between tattoo and body artists all throughout the globe.

World Tattoo Day is situated on March 21st as it has a number of meaningful ties. These include the connection to the spring equinox, the celebration of the International Color Day and the day for the elimination of racial discrimination – also called Harmony Day.

This event is here to show appreciation for and celebrate the beauty and meaning that lives behind each tattoo – so it’s time to get involved and connected with celebrating World Tattoo Day!

How to Celebrate World Tattoo Day

Considering some ideas for celebrating World Tattoo Day? Show off those tattoos, of course, and maybe make some other plans to get involved with the day, like some of these:

Appreciate a Tattoo

People who have tattoos in visible places often love to talk about them! In fact, for some people part of the motivation of getting them is to be able to strike up conversations with others who also appreciate tattoo art. So, in celebration of World Tattoo Day, perhaps it would be a fun idea to tell someone how great their tattoo sleeve is, show appreciation for their choice of artwork, or comment on the quality of work by the tattoo artist.

Get a Tattoo

Some people think long and hard about getting inked, while others take it with a grain of salt! But anyone who has been considering a new tattoo might take World Tattoo Day is the ideal motivation to make that appointment. Not sure how to choose an artist? The best way is through personal referrals. Find some friends who have admirable tattoos and ask who their artist is. The best artists often are more expensive and may take a little time to get into, but it’s absolutely worth the wait to get the most amazing people working on that body art!

Also, for more tattoo fun, check out National Tattoo Day celebrated in July!

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