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Reflexology is an ancient practice that involves applying pressure to different parts of the body, mostly the feet, hands and ears. These areas have corresponding organs in the body that are often provided relief, pain reduction and stress reduction when the reflexology is applied. While the entire body can benefit from the relaxing and rejuvenating techniques of reflexology, the therapies can be targeted not only at specific organs but also can be especially helpful for the nervous system.

World Reflexology Week sets aside seven full days during late September as an encouragement for people to connect over the topic of reflexology and share it with the world!

History of World Reflexology Week

Because reflexology has roots in Eastern medicine, it is often misunderstood or associated with uninformed ideas. But although it has ancient roots, this therapy continues to be used today in alternative and complementary medical practices. The modern version of reflexology got its start in the early 1900s when the book, Zone Therapy, was published by Dr. Edwin Bowers and Dr. William Fitzgerald, who is considered to be “the father of modern reflexology”.

World Reflexology Week is an initiative that was started by the International Council of Reflexologists (ICR), an organization that is committed to keeping reflexologists “in touch around the world”. The first celebration of World Reflexology Week took place in 1999 when it was held at the ICR Conference that year in Hawaii. Since then, this event has been celebrated annually to promote this type of complementary therapy that is used all over the world.

How to Celebrate World Reflexology Week

Book a Reflexology Therapy

One of the best ways to celebrate this event might be to try out reflexology! People who have different types of difficulties, including pain, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, nausea from cancer treatments, sleep issues and many other concerns can benefit from booking an appointment with a reflexologist in honor of World Reflexology Week!

Debunk Reflexology Myths

With the recognition that reflexology is often misunderstood, perhaps it would be helpful to take some time during World Reflexology Week to address some of the common myths surrounding this therapy. Check out some of these myths and their truths:

  • Myth: Reflexology is just a foot massage.
    Truth: While some massage is included this therapy intentionally stimulates and uses pressure on certain areas that correspond with the body’s systems and organs
  • Myth: Reflexology hasn’t been researched by scientists.
    Truth: Many research studies from around the world have been performed revealing its effectiveness in reducing stress, pain, anxiety and more
  • Myth: Reflexology can replace conventional medicine.
    Truth: Reflexologists should never try to diagnose or replace doctors, but can work in tandem with doctors to provide complementary treatments 
  • Myth: Reflexology is not safe for pregnant people, babies, people with cancer or people with foot problems.
    Truth: Trained reflexologists are adept at adjusting their treatments based on each patient, including those who need special care

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