The theater has been one of the most popular forms of entertainment since the Greeks, and the acting industry today is a hard but potentially prosperous career. If you have ever been in theater or seen a live show, you know how fun theater can be. It may seem like a dying industry due to the movie industry taking its role, but for those who love the art of theater, then you should know about World Theater day! Let’s find out about this special holiday and celebrate it!

History of World Theater Day

Initiated in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute (ITI), each year theaters across the world celebrate the value and importance of theatre, and this holiday acts as a wake-up call for governments, politicians, and institutions to see its value to society and for economic growth. ITI also host a yearly message, spoken by a chosen famous theater performer, to share their reflections on the art of theater and its future. The first of those messages were spoken by Jean Cocteau in 1962.

This message is translated into over 50 languages, read for thousands of spectators, and printed in hundreds of newspapers. It also spreads the message by broadcast to all corners of the world through their institutions. Because ITI has over 90 centers throughout the world, the institute also encourages colleges, schools, and theater professionals to celebrate this holiday as well.

The date of this holiday also corresponds with the opening of the Theater of Nations season in Paris. The goals of this holiday, according to ITI, is to promote theater in all corners of the world, bring awareness to the value of theater in all its forms, to help promote local theater communities on a broader scale, and to share the love of theater with others.

How to Celebrate World Theater Day

While many of the celebrations happen at ITI locations, it doesn’t mean you can’t join them. You can contact and coordinate it with the ITI Centre or Cooperating Member in their country or region to participate. You can also read/hear the message of their chosen speaker and spread it across social media using the hashtag #worldtheaterday.

If you want to do something of your own, visit your local theater and support them by donating to their affiliated organizations and maybe buy tickets to see some of their hosted concerts. You can even join a theater program and learn music and acting in your local area. It’s lots of fun and you can even encourage your friends to join in on the action and make it a group activity.

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