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In a world where so many things are texted, voice messaged or video called, the written and typed word may seem to have gone a little by the wayside in personal communication. World Typing Day is here to celebrate the origins of this still-efficient form of written communication, as well as paying respect for and remembering some important events in the world of typing! 

History of World Typing Day

Invented in the late 1860s, the use of the typewriter was part of the second Industrial Revolution and it very much changed the way people communicate all over the world. Originally manually functional, the first typewriters required a great deal of force to punch the letters through the ink ribbon and onto the paper.

It wasn’t long until home row touch typing was created, and eventually the process of typing evolved with electric typewriters, electronic typewriters, word processors and finally computers. While typing started out as a role for someone who worked as an administrator or secretary, the advent of computers has made the skill of typing useful for just about any average citizen!

World Typing Day got its start in 2011 when it was founded to commemorate the Malaysian Speed Typing Contest that took place that year. That year, two different typing records were broken for the Malaysian Book of Records during the contest.

This day is co-organized by two different groups, including the Speed Typing Contest Team from the Junior Chamber International, as well as Team Typo Auto Corrector. The purpose and hope for the day is to encourage more people to communicate through written and typed communication!

How to Celebrate World Typing Day

From hunt-and-peck typists to professionals who can type at record-breaking speed, World Typing Day is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to celebrate! Get involved with the day starting with some of these ideas:

Take a Typing Test

Those who are avid typists but aren’t sure where their words per minute (WPM) come in may want to celebrate World Typing Day by taking a typing test. A little online search will reveal a number of online tests that can be used to determine 1-minute, 3-minute or 5-minute typing scores.

Enroll in a Typing Class

Those who don’t know how to type well, or who have some bad habits that need to be re-trained, might be interested in taking a keyboarding or typing class. This could possibly be done at a local community college or perhaps even through an online course.

Learn and Share Fun Facts About Typing 

Writers, bloggers, administrative assistants and so many others who have a love for the typed word can learn more about it and share it online to raise awareness for World Typing Day. Get started with a few of these fun facts:

  • The QWERTY keyboard was originally created to keep the typewriter keys from jamming, which was a problem when the keyboard was situated alphabetically.

  • The typewriter was an important door that opened the opportunity for women to participate in the workplaces as they were often hired as typists.

  • Touch typing is a style that encourages muscle memory so that the brain will automatically move the fingers along the keyboard without specifically thinking about each key.

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