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Perhaps watercolor is more art than acrylics or oil because the opportunity to correct errors is very limited as the colors are transparent… The sun, wind and temperature influences water-pigment-paper! Everything flows, painting with watercolors!

Adriana Buggino

Art has been an expression of the human soul, and a salve for the same, since time out of mind. One of the most ancient art forms is watercolor painting, and World Watercolor Month celebrates it and encourages everyone to give it a try!

History of World Watercolor Month

World Watercolor Month was founded by Charlie O’Shields, creator of Doodlewash®. He realized after looking at the yearly calendar that of all the forms of art that had a day or month dedicated to them, watercolor was just plain left out!

Through his efforts, July was established as World Watercolor Month once and for all! Watercolor painting has a history stretching back to pre-history, with the earliest examples gracing the cave walls where ancient man used to live. Since that time art has played an important role in our society, bringing us together, inspiring us, and lifting our hearts during our darkest days.

It has also played an important part in education, serving to help bring equality to areas and topics typically impacted by socioeconomic boundaries. How odd is it then that art classes are one of the first sacrifices when budget cuts come along for our educational institutions?

Doodlewash turned its efforts to combat this trend by providing awareness to those young men and women who may otherwise not be able to develop their artistic creativity.

How To Celebrate World Watercolor Month

Celebrating World Watercolor Month is easy! Just head out to your local art supply store and pick up a container of watercolor paints and something to paint on and put your creativity to the test. Once you’ve created your masterpiece, post it online with the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth.

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