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It’s time to moonwalk down memory lane with a celebration of the life, of Michael Jackson, the universally revered King of Pop. 

Early Days

Born August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana, Michael Jackson was one of nine children, destined to become part of a musical dynasty. His unique journey to international superstardom began as the lead singer of the ‘Jackson 5,’ where he performed alongside his brothers. Even as a young boy, his electrifying performances and extraordinary vocal range hinted at the mega-stardom that awaited him.

Off the Wall and into the Stratosphere

Michael broke out as the great solo artist he is known as today when his much loved 1979 album ‘Off the Wall’ came out. However, it was not until ‘Thriller’ came out in 1982 that he became the huge star that so many people loved admired and imitated in their droves.

As most will know, ‘Thriller’ eventually became the best-selling album of all time, with top tunes like ‘ Beat It’ and ‘Billie Jean’ making it an irresistible buy for so many music fans the world over. The video for the title song, with its freaky Halloween theme, was almost bigger than the album, even getting its own MTV premier, which millions tuned in to see.

Dancing Phenomenon

Of course, Mr. Jackson was also known for his impressive dance skills that left both ordinary people and pop stars in the shadows. There were few who did not attempt his legendary moonwalk or his gravity-defying lean that premiered in the music video for ‘Smooth Criminal‘, and thus, his legend as a pop sensation was sealed.

King of Pop: The Gloved One

Thanks to his unique and inimitable style, Michael was also a fashion inspiration to many fans who loved his sequined glove, fedora hat and iconic red leather jacket look. Many tried to copy his style, but few could pull it off.

An Unforgettable Legacy

As well as being a breathtaking performer, Jackson was a person who cared, and became well known for donating his time, money, and sometimes his possessions to the causes closest to his heart and the hearts of his fans. He had a love for people and the planet that was as big as his legacy.

As Michael himself once stated: “To live is to be musical, starting with the blood dancing in your veins. Everything living has a rhythm. Do you feel your music?” Long after he left this world, Michael Jackson’s music continues to make people feel, dance, and come alive.

The Thrill Lives On

When people celebrate the life of Michael Jackson, they remember him as the King of Pop, sure, but they also remember him as a great mover, a generous giver and a complex man who went through so much, but always excelled in his sparkling career. 

Michael Jackson — the King of Pop. Though he may no longer be here in the world, he will never truly die.

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