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Learn more about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the workplace and find out how business leaders can prioritize it for better investments, outcomes, benefits and value. Intelligent Automation Month is here to raise awareness about and increase involvement with the intelligent automated processes that are making a difference in almost every industry and business all over the globe!

History of Intelligent Automation Month

The first ever Intelligent Automation (IA) Month was held in 2023, hosted by ABBYY. A company that has been working with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for many years, ABBYY founded this event to help raise awareness about process intelligence and various other automation tools that can allow companies to work smarter.

The inaugural Intelligent Automation Month offered seminars and educational opportunities to learn more about different topics, including strategic partnerships with process intelligence experts, how to take advantage of process monitoring and more, and the importance of supporting all process types. Various opportunities have been provided to learn about trends, current business insights, best practices and more from leaders in IA, AI and other relevant industries.

Intelligent Automation Month is here to offer a look into the future, encouraging business leaders to learn more, overcome barriers and move in the direction that will undoubtedly take shape in the coming years.

How to Celebrate Intelligent Automation Month

Take that business to a higher level by learning more about and getting involved through Intelligent Automation Month. Check out some of these ideas for participating:

Attend Intelligent Automation Month Events

An excellent way to get involved with Intelligent Automation Month would be to make plans to attend some of the programs, seminars and educational opportunities that are made available to business leaders. Many of these events take place online as webinars, allowing for a broader audience from various time zones. Those who are interested in signing up for the events held by ABBYY can do so at the company website.  

Learn Key Facts About Intelligent Automation 

In preparation for making changes to a business in any industry, it is vital to get access to the information that will impact the decision-making process. The best way to go about this might be to connect with a consultant to better understand the details related to a specific business. Even so, a great way to celebrate Intelligent Automation Month might be to understand a few key facts related to these types of processes. Check out some of these to get started:

  • Intelligent Automation is considered to be a fusion between business automation, task automation and artificial intelligence.

  • Intelligent Process Automation can access and interpret various forms of structured and unstructured data to help with workflow and efficient management.

  • Automation tools can operate independently, making decisions or managing workflows based on prescribed rules or parameters.

  • Intelligent Automation can be effective for small start-ups or huge corporations, able to be scaled and versatile based on the needs of the business.

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