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What do you wear when your pants are too high to support the use of a belt? When you have fantastically, almost comically huge pants like a clown, no mere strap of leather wrapped about your waist is going to do the job. Time for a formal party? Nothing says formal like a strapping pair of suspenders slung over your shoulder. Suspender’s day is the day to make sure the world remembers the fashion and handsomeness of the much maligned suspender.

History of Suspender’s Day

The year is 1820, and an old idea is being cultivated into a new rendition. Suspenders have kicked around for up to 300 years, but the modern suspender, sleek, stylish, handsome, had yet to be invented. Albert Thurston was the man who brought this fashion sensation into the modern age. Pants were high in the 1920’s, so high that a belt was simply impractical, and so it was that a new solution was needed.

50 years later, the notable and notorious Samuel Clemens, known almost universally as ‘Mark Twain’ to us modern folks, finally got a patent for these universally worn garments. At the time, these suspenders were worn almost universally under a waistcoat, which prompted a shift to belts in the 1930’s as the waistcoat went out of fashion. After all, the male suspender was seen to be as much underwear as the ladies suspenders that held up their stockings.

For modern wear, Suspenders are used primarily with formal suits and tuxedos, and are otherwise not common in today’s fashion industry. Unless you’re a hipster.

How to Celebrate Suspender’s Day

Strap on a pair of these strapping accessories! Keep your pants up and go as wild and wanton as you can imagine. To really drive the point home, grab some buttons and pins and make sure you have plenty of flair on your suspenders to let the world know how much you love them.

Don’t let these stylish and sharp accessories go out of fashion, Celebrate Suspender’s day is time to bring them back into the world and show people just how fantastic they can be.

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