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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to adopt a child? Videos on social media report all the time about children and the surprising reveal of their finalized adoption to a new family. However, this doesn’t always occur. It takes approximately 3 years for a child to be finalized for an adoption. Because it doesn’t happen often enough, Adoption day is a day created to bring awareness of these facts. So, let’s now learn about National Adoption Day and how it helps children all over the United States find new families.

History of National Adoption Day

The creation of this holiday was made through a coalition of multiple organizations back in 2000, which include the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, The Alliance for Children’s Rights and Children’s Action Network. From there, in 2004, over 3,400 children were adopted from foster care in 200 events in 37 states once courts finalized the adoptions, and in 2011, more than 300 court and community events were held on National Adoption Day. Since then, The annual event works with policymakers, practitioners, and advocates for adoption to create beautiful families for orphaned kids.

According to the National Adoption Day website, there are over 110,000 children waiting to be adopted, and this day gives opportunities to over 65,000 children to be adopted. This holiday is also aimed at debunking the myths of adoption, such as a tedious process, not enough families, and the expenses of adoption. Adoption is a choice that some families consider as an option, but since it is normal to give birth to children, adoption is generally the second choice in mind. This holiday helps to raise awareness for the children who don’t have families, and for potential families to consider the option of adoption as a more humanitarian choice.

How to celebrate National Adoption Day

To celebrate this holiday, you can start by spreading awareness of adoption through social media, by using the hashtag #NationalAdoptionDay. Or, if you’re really thinking hard, consider the option to adopt a child, and weigh the pros and cons of having one. Taking in a child is a life-changing choice, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you do feel that you and your family are ready for this choice, contact your local adoption agency and get a consultation from their representatives. In the end, if you do consider this choice, it could make a child’s life truly amazing.

Not to be confused with World Adoption Day which is held on November 9th.

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