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One of the best things about Family Volunteer Day is that family members of almost any age can get involved.

Younger kids can participate by helping to make and color cards to give out to senior centers and retirement homes.

Older kids can help by making meals or homemade cookies to give to those in need. The options are almost endless for the ways that families can come together to serve their communities on this day!

History of Family Volunteer Day

Family Volunteer Day got its start in 1990 when it was founded by the Points of Light organization, encouraging families to work together to build into their communities.

This event is scheduled to happen at this time because it’s a time that families across the US are often already together for the weekend after they have celebrated Thanksgiving.

Following eating a huge turkey dinner and watching copious amounts of football or the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, some individuals like to do some serious shopping on Black Friday.

This leaves Saturday as a time for families to give back to their communities – and that’s what Family Volunteer Day is all about!

How to Celebrate Family Volunteer Day

Whether officially signing up to volunteer with a non-profit organization or less officially choosing some local folks in the community who could use a bit of help, Family Volunteer Day is just the right time to make a difference in someone’s world!

Check out some of these ideas to get started with:

Help a Neighbor

Know of some elderly or infirm neighbors who could use some help getting their house ready for winter?

Head on over with the family to rake leaves, clean gutters, replace screens with storm windows and do some other winterizing projects that will make it easier for them!

Serve at a Non-Profit Organization

Soup kitchens, homeless shelters, children’s centers, animal rescue shelters, senior centers and so many other places are always on the lookout for dedicated volunteers who want to be part of something larger than themselves.

Be sure to hop onto the website of a favorite charity in advance of Family Volunteer Day to make sure all of the appropriate paperwork and training is completed in advance of the day.

Get the Kids Involved with Volunteering

One of the best ways to teach children to help others as part of a community effort is by modeling it and allowing them to be included in various projects.

Children’s choirs, crafts, meal-preparation and other events can all be part of Fmaily Volunteer Day when parents, grandparents, kids and other family members participate together!

Volunteer to Help the Environment

Many different projects around the community can be completed in celebration of Family Volunteer Day, including those that focus on the environment.

Families can get involved by planting trees, cleaning up green spaces, growing a collective community food garden, starting a recycling project.

Other activities might include creating a DIY mobile library or collecting baby diapers and other items needed by families with small children. The sky is the limit when it comes to getting creative with doing good for the community in honor of this day!

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