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Caring for our seniors is perhaps the greatest responsibility we have. Those who walked before us have given so much and made possible the life we all enjoy.

John Hoeven

It’s something people commonly joke about as the years go by, especially when parents start getting on our young nerves. “Remember Dad; I’m the one that gets to pick what Home you go into,” With Home meaning that universal specter of every independent adult, the Adult Care Facility. While many of us would never dream of sending our parents someplace horrible, it’s important to remember the men and women who make those facilities a warm and welcoming place when it comes time. Aged Care Employee Day reminds us that there is someone who’s hands we place the care of our elderly in when we’re not there to care for them ourselves.

History of Aged Care Employee Day

The Whiddon Group recognized that days like International Nurses Day didn’t cover a broad enough spectrum to show support and gratitude to all of the people who are involved in the care of the elderly, and took steps to change that. Almost 80% of the people who provide Aged Care aren’t nurses, doctors, or other medical professionals. They’re janitors, kitchen staff, laundry workers, and even volunteers who take time out of their day to ensure that our golden years are full of comfort and support.

While Nurses are an essential part of the Aged Care industry, things would simply grind to a stop without the help of the cleaners, cooks, drivers, hospitality teams, and laundry employees who deal with all the day to day minutiae that helps things move along smoothly. Throughout their work these individuals also interact with our loved ones, forming meaningful relationships and friendships that ensure that loneliness isn’t one of the experiences they have while in the facility.

How To celebrate Aged Care Employee Day

The next time you visit your loved ones in their Aged Care Facility, be sure to bring something to show appreciation to the staff there. Whether it’s as simple as a floral bouquet or a care package that includes items to brighten their day and ease their burdens (hand cream, insoles, and chocolate are always favorites) it’s a great way to show them you appreciate what they do. Even if you just stop in and make a point of thanking them, it’s important to remember that the role these people play is often underappreciated and unrecognized, so everything counts.

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