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Professional Speakers Day

Attend a seminar to see the pros at work, or practice your own public speaking on Professional Speakers Day to appreciate this nerve-wracking role.


A guide to celebrating Aug 7th

Are you ready for a day filled with unique activities? Start off by celebrating Professional Speakers Day with your favorite TED Talk or podcast. Take notes and practice your own public speaking skills to make the most of the occasion. Next, embrace National Opportunity Day by setting aside time to create a vision board or a list of personal goals. Reflect on your aspirations and take small steps towards achieving them.

For Professional Engineers Day, challenge yourself with a DIY project or brain teaser to stimulate your problem-solving abilities. Consider upcycling old materials into something new and innovative. Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day provides the perfect opportunity to get creative with gift wrapping or packaging design. Let your imagination run wild!

Celebrate National Lighthouse Day by visiting a local lighthouse or researching the history behind these iconic structures. Capture the beauty of the sea and coastline through photography or artwork. Aged Care Employee Day calls for acts of kindness towards the elderly in your community. Volunteer at a nursing home or simply spend quality time with a senior relative.

Lastly, honor Purple Heart Day by showing appreciation for military veterans. Donate to a veterans’ organization, write letters of gratitude, or attend a local memorial service. Let these shared themes inspire you to make the most of a day filled with growth, creativity, and gratitude.

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