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While many humans work hard to protect and care for pets, there are still millions of animals that are exposed to abuse and cruelty every year. From violence toward household pets to cruelty that involves big business or lab experiments, the statistics about animals being treated poorly are staggering and deeply saddening. Animal Cruelty Prevention Month is here to raise awareness and motivate people to become actively involved in the way animals are treated locally and throughout the world. 

History of Animal Cruelty Prevention Month

The observance of Animal Cruelty Prevention Month began in 2006 when it was established through the efforts of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). By 2015, it also received mention and support from the United States Department of Justice for the role that they play in holding humans accountable for their treatment of animals.

The idea behind Animal Cruelty Prevention Month was to encourage humans to raise awareness and promote the event as a form of advocacy for furry, feathered and other animal friends. Speak up on behalf of those who can’t speak by celebrating this month!

How to Celebrate Animal Cruelty Prevention Month

Get involved and make a difference by protecting vulnerable creatures who can’t protect themselves. Observe Animal Cruelty Prevention Month by making plans and joining activities like some of these:

Wear an Orange Ribbon

One of the ways that many people show support for Animal Cruelty Prevention Month is by wearing an orange ribbon, which is representative of this cause. Affix an orange ribbon to a coat or blazer, or get creative by placing one on the desk at work or hanging it from the rearview mirror on the car. When folks ask what the orange ribbon is for, be sure to share about the opportunities to raise awareness for the day.

Donate to an Animal Shelter

Looking to make a difference in the life of an animal? Make a donation to help with the costs that are incurred by animal shelters, the local humane society, the ASPCA or some other animal organization. Financial donations go toward rescuing animals, taking care of them by providing medical care and shelter, and eventually re-homing abused animals. Animal Cruelty Prevention Month acts as a perfect reminder that these charitable organizations and nonprofits could always use some extra financial help.

Host an Animal Cruelty Prevention Event

Those who are connected with their local community can use Animal Cruelty Prevention Month to gather folks together in support of the animals. Host a fund-raising event, an educational seminar, a family day or some other gathering that will serve to get community members connected and talking about this important issue. Whether in schools, through animal shelters or even in a local park, organizing an event is a great way to bring the community together and do something good at the same time.

Show Support for Animal Protection Laws

Those who are involved in advocacy can take Animal Cruelty Prevention Month as an opportunity to get involved in the legislation processes in their local area, federally, or even internationally. Make a difference in the lives of animals by advocating for legislation that will protect and care for them the way they deserve!

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