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With more than 200 million working animals across the planet, the focus for this day is an important one. Especially in developing countries, working animals play a vital role in the economies and infrastructures for communities and families around the world. In fact, in poor communities, just one working animal can support an extended family of up to 30 people. 

Without the help of these working animals, many people in the world would be in much deeper poverty than they are. International Working Animal Day is here to raise awareness about the role that working animals play while supporting the communities that depend on them.

History of International Working Animal Day

International Working Animal Day was founded in 2016 with the purpose of honoring and recognizing the hard labors of working animals. The day was established by the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad (SPANA) which works to improve the welfare of working animals, especially in the poorest communities in the world.

Through training, treating and teaching, the folks at SPANA seek to inspire others to act in the best interest of their working animals with sustainable and practical solutions. This includes providing access to veterinarian care and services, improving the welfare standards, and equipping future generations to treat working animals with kindness and understanding.

International Working Animal Day is a time to highlight the lifetime of work that faces millions of hardworking animals that never have the hope of retirement. In addition, this is a day to honor working animals such as assistance dogs for those with disabilities, including guide dogs, seeing eye dogs and more.

How to Celebrate International Working Animal Day

Show some support to helpless animals by getting involved and connected with International Working Animal Day. To celebrate, try out some interesting ideas such as these:

Raise Awareness About Working Animals

Many people in the modern world think that most animals nowadays are only kept as pets. In fact, a large percentage of people may have not even heard the term “working animal”. In reality, there are still many animals in the world who are kept and cared for because of the work they can do on farms, such as donkeys and cattle, as well as those being used for carrying heavy loads like camels and yaks.

In honor of International Working Animals Day, it might be a good time to show some love and appreciation for these animals by letting others know. Share some photos or statistics on social media, or host an event that helps educate others and perhaps raise funds in honor of the working animals.

Make a Donation for SPANA

Those who are interested in supporting this worthy cause may want to observe International Working Animal Day by making a donation to support SPANA. The organization offers ways for individuals to donate one time or regularly, designating the charity as part of their living will, commit to a sponsorship, or for folks to hold events and raise funds on behalf of SPANA.

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