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If you ask a variety of people, most of them will jump at any chance they get to sink their teeth into a piece of apple pie, especially if it is fresh out of the oven. National Apple Pie Day is kind of like a blank check for eating apple pie, so everyone should be sure to make the most of it!

Of course, National Apple Pie Day is so much more than that too. It has the ability to get families together, whether baking in the kitchen or enjoying delicious desserts together. And for many people, this day is an act of patriotism. After all, apple pie is as American as, well, as they say, apple pie.

Apple pie might not be originally American, but it is now certainly associated with many American cultures and traditions. Even so, there is certainly no reason why people around the world can’t celebrate National Apple Pie Day, though.

So head to the apple orchard or farmers’ market, get those apples and get started with the honoring of National Apple Pie Day!

History of National Apple Pie Day

History reveals that apple pie seems to have been very popular in centuries past in countries like England and The Netherlands. Both of these countries have recipes going back many centuries. In fact, the history of apple pie dates back more than 600 years, to the 14th century with an English recipe. However, it was not cemented as an American classic until around the turn of the 20th century.

At that time, in the 1900s, Apple Pie was seen by many people as a healthier option to certain other pies. Since then, presidents, American troops and memorable marketing campaigns have all latched on to the idea of apple pie as something that is distinctly and symbolically American.

National Apple Pie Day can bring together all of these various culinary traditions and allow people all over the world to enjoy the humble yet delicious apple joy in all its glory. This day is all about trying recipes and getting active in the kitchen. Even for people who don’t necessarily bake desserts very often, National Apple Pie Day offers up a chance to change that.

But, hey, just because a person may not feel like baking a pie, this does not exclude them from enjoying the day. Many other options exist for having fun with apple pie by eating it and sharing it with loved ones.

How to Celebrate National Apple Pie Day

Celebrating and enjoying National Apple Pie Day will obviously need to revolve all around apple pie. According to many people, there are two very simple and even more enjoyable things you have to do if you want to enjoy National Apple Pie Day to the fullest. The first is to make an apple pie and the second is to eat it.

Try these ideas for getting in on the fun:

Make an Apple Pie at Home

The great thing about apple pies is that they don’t have to be super complicated to make, so a person doesn’t need to be a master in the kitchen in order to rustle up a fantastic-tasting apple pie at home!

The dough only really requires flour, salt and water. And the filling? Well, that’s basically apple slices, some sugar, and some cinnamon and butter.

When making apple pie, here are some tips from the experts that might make the process go a bit more smoothly:

  • Instead of using all the same type of apples, mix it up by combining some apples that are sweet and some that are tart. The result will be more flavorful and delicious!
  • Many recipes call for brushing the outside of the crust with an egg wash after it is put together, but one expert tip is to brush the inside of the crust with an egg wash before adding the filling. This creates a barrier that keeps the apple juices from making the bottom crust soggy.
  • Once the inside has its egg wash, take a few extra minutes to layer the apples into the crust, rather than simply dumping them in. The apples will like more evenly and be less lumpy.

For people who want to go with something super easy, try using a premade refrigerator crust and apple pie filling from a can. Who will know?!

Buy an Apple Pie 

For those people who know someone else who can make a pie for them (such as a local bakery!) is possible to even skip the first step. But, no matter where the pie comes from, enjoying delicious apple pies with the people closest to you is what it’s all about!

Even for people who decide to head to a local restaurant that has a reputation for making good apple pie, that is still better than not taking part in the day at all. Get recommendations and read reviews and then get out there and sample the best of them.

Host an Apple Pie Party

The best way to do this is to get a few friends together and make a variety of apple pies using different recipes and baking methods. That way, it is possible to enjoy apple pies that originate from many different places and see the multitudes contained under the umbrella of apple pies!

There are many ways to make apple pies, so this is the perfect time to take the opportunity to try a recipe that puts a new spin on an old classic. Or simply enjoy the classic apple pie recipe that’s been passed down through the family.

Try a New Recipe for Apple Pie

Take a look at these fun ideas and try out a new recipe that adds an extra twist on top of the basic apple pie:

  • Caramel Apple Pear Granola Cream Pie
  • Savannah High Apple Pie (piled super high and topped with streusel)
  • Individual Fried Apple Pies (more like hand pies, can be served on a stick)
  • Spiced Bourbon and Cinnamon Apple Pie

It couldn’t be easier to celebrate National Apple Pie Day, so be sure to enjoy it with friends and family!

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