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Awkward moments happen all the time, and to some folks more than others! For anyone who’s ever wished the ground would open up and swallow them, National Awkward Moments Day is a celebration of all awkward moments. From walking out of a public toilet with loo roll on a shoe, to realising you’ve been speaking to someone everyday for a year, and don’t know their name, life is full of these moments.

Although there isn’t much information regarding the origins of National Awkward Moments Day, many people have commented on how interesting it is that National Awkward Moments Day is the day after St Patrick’s day! National Awkward Moments Day can boast a mascot though, the awkward turtle.

So, if anything awkward happens on National Awkward Moments Day, be sure to see the humour, of the situation, and have a good laugh about it, before moving on to the next one!

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