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As planet Earth gives up billions of tons of natural resources each year, the health of the planet continues to decline. This makes it more and more important for humans to do what they can and focus on ways to reduce waste, reuse items and restore the health of the planet. One vital way of doing this is through the practice of recycling.

Global Recycling Day is here to remind individuals, organizations, corporations and governments that recycling is a key part of the circular economy of humans on the planet. The day is meant to draw attention to and recognize the important part that recycling plays in preserving primary resources. And it is meant to motivate people into action.

History of Global Recycling Day

A fairly new day on the docket, Global Recycling Day was first announced in 2015 when the president of the Bureau of International Recycling, Ranjit S. Baxi, made a point to bring it to the attention of the World Recycling Convention that same year.

The first celebration of Global Recycling Day was not implemented until a few years later, in 2018. The date, March 18, was set to coincide with the 70th birthday of the Bureau of International Recycling.

Now, every year Global Recycling Day is celebrated to not only remind individuals to reduce waste, but also to activate voices and speak up against governments and corporations who aren’t doing their part.

It’s time to celebrate Global Recycling Day!

How to Celebrate Global Recycling Day

Now everyone can band together and make an impact when they do their part by celebrating and observing Global Recycling Day – all over the world! Participate with some of these ideas:

Join a Global Recycling Day Event

Each year on Global Recycling Day, communities and cities are coming together to join forces and save the planet! Check with the local city or town government to see what types of events and recycling drives are being organized for this year’s celebration. Finding no such events in your community? Well, perhaps it’s time to organize one!

Don’t Forget to Reuse

Before throwing something in the trash or even in the recycling bin, first think of ways the item could be reused. Perhaps it’s possible to rinse out a plastic bag and use it a few more times. Or maybe it’s possible to use those plastic containers from the grocery store in the kids’ lunch boxes. Try using that piece of aluminum foil again.

On Global Recycling day – and every day – get creative with ways to reduce consumption and waste by reusing. And then, of course, once the item has gone through a full life, it’s time to recycle!

Share Facts About Recycling

Because it doesn’t have a long history, Global Recycling Day could use some help in raising awareness. Consider mentioning it to friends or coworkers or share on social media. Start the conversation with some of these facts:

  • As a $200 billion industry, recycling supports 500,000 jobs in the US alone.

  • Recycling preserves fresh water up to 95% when compared to making new products.

  • In less than 15 years, worldwide waste is expected to double.

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