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A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.

There’s a moment in everyone’s life when they know that the days ahead of them will never be the same. That moment is when their first child is born, while there are those who have sworn themselves to a life without children of their own (and more power to them) those who choose to have a child feel that the birth of their first is the most important day of their lives. Baby Day celebrates this little bundles of joy and all the wonders that come with them, and maybe a few of the trials.

History of Baby Day

Baby Day was established to celebrate the smallest members of our species, and the wonders and joys they face as they grow up. Growing up isn’t always easy, and that’s why these wee travelers have parents to help them traverse the challenging road ahead. Children come in all shapes and sizes and represent a new beginning and a wonderful innocence in the world, and we can learn as much from them as they can learn from us. After all, while they come into the world free of knowledge, they also come into the world free from preconceptions, cynicisms, and prejudice. Would that we could all be so unburdened.

Whether you choose to have one child or many, becoming a parent is not an adventure for the faint of heart. Every day will see you having your preconceptions challenged, and your ideas about the world questioned with the never ending series of ‘why’s’ they’ll bring. Further, a sense of selflessness tends to come to those who have children, as everything in their lives begins to focus on these little humans.

How to celebrate Baby Day

Celebrating Baby Day is fun, easy, and eye-opening. Take your day to visit those friends of yours that have children, or if you’re planning on having one of your own (Or already have… Or are pregnant) then take the time to learn more about the most recent parenting techniques. If you’re visiting a friends child, bring them some of the newest educational toys, or you can honor the age-old tradition of bringing toys that make noise to children that are not your own. Or, if you’re feeling kinder, maybe enjoy the day by spending it with those children and giving their hard-working parents a day off. Baby Day reminds you that babies are wonderful, but they’re also a lot of work.