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I experience each moment like Baklava: Rich in this layer, and this layer, and this layer.

Ram Dass

Do you like honey? What about fruits and nuts? If they were all cooked together in a flaky pastry would this be all the greatest sweet for your taste buds? This dessert is made from a thin puff pastry with all the honey and nuts that can be packed in between each layer. This culinary perfection is served as a delicacy in many restaurants and countries, especially the more upscale locations. Baklava is a wonder that fills the mouth with pleasure and yet is made from such simple ingredients. So why not head out on National Baklava Day and indulge in this delicious treat?

History of National Baklava Day

Baklava finds its origins in ancient history, being frequently found in references from starting in the 8th century B.C. Many countries call this sweet confection their delicacy, as it has been adopted and changed throughout history. The Characteristics of this delicious dessert have been transformed through the ages in the different countries and cultures including Greek, Arabic, Persian, Turkish and American, with variations being found ranging from a flatbread to the more familiar thin puff pastry of today.

Its preparation includes different kinds of nuts and pecans, almond paste, pistachios, as well as orange water or rose water with honey or a flavored syrup poured over so many layers of flaky thin dough. The recipe changes with each generation and each country, being passed down through families as a cherished and beloved tradition by those who learn the secret of how it’s made. Though you can find the recipes on the internet if you are truly curious.

How to Celebrate National Baklava Day

Take your time to find out which variety you like best, whether it’s a family recipe or bought from your favorite store or mom and pop restaurant. You could decide you to try your hand at making Baklava, starting out by finding a recipe on the internet than buying all the ingredients and spending the day making this treat alone or with your family.

Be careful while you work though, while all the separate bits and pieces that make this dessert so scrumptious are delicious on their own, don’t eat them all before you get your Baklava! There are many different ways to enjoy it, whether alone or by adding ice cream, whipped cream, apples, fresh fruit, dates, or candied fruit. Baklava may take a lot of work to create, there’s not much difference in effort between a half-tray or a full one, so why not make large batches?

When all’s said and done you may wind up sweet and sticky from all the fillings, but you’ll also be happy, and that’s what National Baklava Day is all about.

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