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While it’s possible that not everyone has heard of cherry popovers, they’re a delicious treat that can be enjoyed by just about anyone at just about any time! Many people like to have them as a sweet end to a yummy meal, while others may like to devour them at breakfast or brunch time in the same way another pastry might be eaten.

This special creation has its own day on the calendar, called National Cherry Popover Day. This is, of course, a day dedicated to the creation, history and enjoyment of all things related to the cherry popover. For those who want to learn more about this tasty pastry, read more about it below.

It’s time to celebrate National Cherry Popover Day!

History of National Cherry Popover Day

Popovers might be considered an American version of the British classic, Yorkshire pudding. These delicious pastries are baked in muffin pans and can have a wide variety of fruits and other ingredients included as fillings, such as chocolate, blueberries, or freshly whipped Maple butter.

While this history is a bit unclear, popovers seem to have begun their development just prior to Civil War times in the United States. The first written mention of a popover was during the 1850’s in a letter by E.E Stuart, a Catholic woman who worked as a political advocate for free schools and independence during the time when American political parties were forming and Protestants and Catholics were trying to find common ground in Michigan.

Later on, in 1876, a cookbook called “Practical Cooking” mentioned a recipe for popovers, written by M.N Henderson. One popular spot for securing these delicious treats during the late 1800’s was a food establishment called Jones Pond House in Acadia National Park. Popovers have certainly been a unique and interesting tradition in certain areas of New England over the years.

Although popovers might have been a bit niche and difficult to find, the popularity of this delicacy has been steadily rising. Popovers earned its name for the way the dough pops over the muffin pans and steadily rises and expands with fluffy baked dough. Popovers are traditionally made with a fruit mixture.

Cherry popovers, in particular, are considered to be a popular choice when making popovers and should, of course, be served with coffee and tea as any delicious dessert might be.

This day is dedicated to the fluffy and semi-sweet creation that is the cherry popover. National Cherry Popover Day gives people the chance to try out a unique pastry that can easily be made in a simple muffin pan. It is also a great way to learn some history about popovers and how they started during the time of the Civil War.

It’s time for National Cherry Popover Day!

How to Celebrate National Cherry Popover Day

For those who are looking for a great way to celebrate National Cherry Popover Day, this is the place to begin! Try these tips for celebrating the day, or come up with some other original ideas:

Go Out for Popovers

Finding a local restaurant that serves Cherry Popovers might be an interesting challenge. In fact, it might not hurt to pop into a favorite local bakery and ask if they’ll be offering up this tasty dish in honor of National Cherry Popover Day!

  • Society Cafe in New York City, New York, USA, is known for many tasty menu items, including popovers in both sweet and savory varieties.
  • Popover Bistro and Bakery, situated in Simsbury, Connecticut, USA, offers a ton of unique takes on the basic recipe for popovers.
  • The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco, California, USA, is the perfect location to join in on a brunch filled with delicious foods including popovers.
  • Kay’s Cafe & Bakery located in Hampton, New Hampshire, USA, is part of the larger establishment Galley Hatch Restaurant and Tap Room, known for serving deliciously fresh baked popovers.

Get Popovers Delivered to Home or Work

For those who don’t have easy access to popovers locally, Popovers Restaurant and Bakery in Epping, New Hampshire would be happy to have them delivered directly! Since the cherries would likely make them soggy, a great idea would be to have the plain popovers shipped and then add cherries or cherry pie filling to them once they have arrived.

Learn to Make Cherry Popovers

Start by crafting your own cherry popover recipe that is to die for. First, preheat the oven to 450 degrees F. Next, place milk in a bowl and microwave on high for 2 minutes.

In the meantime, sift flour, salt, and baking powder together in a large mixing bowl. Crack some eggs and use an electric mixer to beat the eggs into the mixture until light and fluffy. Then slowly add the hot milk to the beaten eggs. Gradually beat on medium speed for 2 minutes. Then let the batter rest.

Once you get your cherries or cherry jam, fold them into the batter, place in a muffin tin, and bake for at least 15 minutes. Turn the oven down to 375 and bake for at least 35 minutes. Once golden brown, remove, place on a plate and serve.

Share Popovers with Friends

After having mastered the art of making popovers, it’s easy to realize that this is an important treat to share with friends who may not know all about the beauty and deliciousness of the Cherry Popover!

Have a popover party with neighbors and friends, take popovers to the office to share with coworkers, or serve them at a family event. To make it easier, make the popovers in advance (or order from a bakery) and then add the cherry topping when ready to serve them. Everyone will be so impressed with this fun and delicious dish–they will love celebrating National Cherry Popover Day and might even make it an annual tradition!

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