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International Students’ Day

Take part in student events, talk with other students, and help shape the future of education for the next generation of potential students in the world.

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How to celebrate Nov 17th

Start your day by uncorking a bottle of your favorite wine to celebrate Zinfandel Day. Enjoy a leisurely glass while preparing a homemade loaf of bread in honor of National Homemade Bread Day. As your bread dough rises, lace up your hiking boots for National Take a Hike Day. Head outdoors to explore a local trail, taking in the crisp air and vibrant fall colors.

Upon returning from your hike, indulge in a savory Reuben sandwich to commemorate National Reuben Day. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try your hand at crafting a traditional Baklava dessert to mark National Baklava Day. The sweet, nutty treat will be a perfect complement to your earlier bread baking efforts.

In the afternoon, take a moment to acknowledge International Students’ Day. Consider reaching out to an international friend or acquaintance to learn more about their culture and experiences. This simple gesture can foster connection and understanding across borders.

As evening approaches, embrace World Prematurity Day by supporting a local charity that works to improve the health and well-being of premature babies and their families. Every donation, no matter the size, can make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Finally, unwind with a refreshing Gose beer to celebrate International Happy Gose Day. Whether enjoying a bottle from your favorite brewery or attempting to brew your own batch, take this time to relax and savor the unique flavors of this traditional German-style sour ale.

By combining elements from these diverse holidays, you can create a memorable and meaningful day filled with good food, outdoor adventures, cultural exchange, charitable giving, and, of course, a touch of celebration. Cheers to a day well spent!

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National Unfriend Day

In the realm of social media, occasionally parting ways with unfamiliar faces can be refreshingly liberating.

World Prematurity Day

In the face of adversity, the resilience and hope displayed by the tiniest of souls and their families inspire reverence and admiration.

International Happy Gose Day

A unique brew that balances zesty tanginess with a hint of salt, making every sip a refreshing journey for your taste buds.

National Baklava Day

Crispy layers of pastry, oozing sweetness, and nuts giving a satisfying crunch — a mouthwatering symphony that leaves taste buds dancing.

National Homemade Bread Day

Invest in a bread maker or source a sourdough starter on Homemade Bread Day and bake delicious dough at home to meet all your flour and yeast “kneads”.


Road Safety Week

Staying alert, following traffic laws, and avoiding distractions while driving can keep you and others safe on the road.


Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week

From our furry companions to majestic wildlife, our connection with the animal kingdom is a bond that goes beyond words.


Transgender Awareness Week

Promoting understanding and compassion for diverse identities, bringing forth enlightenment and unity, echoing the spirit of humanity.

is part of…

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Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Promoting knowledge and support for a health challenge, uniting to improve outcomes and provide hope for affected individuals.

National Children’s Month

Supporting young lives facing economic challenges, extending a compassionate hand for brighter futures and opportunities.

Worldwide Bereaved Siblings Month

Navigating sibling absence, emotions echo, memories linger, forging a path through grief's labyrinth with resilience and healing.

World Vegan Month

Explore a plant-based lifestyle with delicious meatless meals, refreshing juices, and creative recipes. Challenge yourself to eat clean and healthy for 30 days!

National Peanut Butter Lovers Month

This creamy spread is a delicious and versatile addition to any kitchen. It pairs perfectly with jelly, chocolate, or just a spoon!


A whole month dedicated to raising awareness for men's health! Celebrate with a bold new look while supporting a great cause.

National Epilepsy Awareness Month

Shining a light on a condition that deserves more understanding, helping break down barriers and stigma, and showing support for those affected.

National Native American Heritage Month

The indigenous peoples of America, with their rich traditions and deep connection to the land, offer a fascinating glimpse into the continent's history.

Manatee Awareness Month

These gentle giants of the sea need our care and understanding to thrive in their home - the tranquil waters of coastal habitats.

National Pomegranate Month

The burst of juicy, ruby-red seeds hiding behind that tough exterior, each bite's a delightful surprise, a sweet-tart explosion of flavor.

National Novel Writing Month

Crafting a story that weaves characters through a thrilling journey, venturing into uncharted worlds where adventures unfold one chapter at a time.

National Adoption Month

Building a family through love, regardless of biology, weaving unique stories and bonds that defy any textbook definition of what it means to belong.

National Healthy Skin Month

Preserving skin health ensures longevity, radiance, and shields against environmental stressors for a healthy complexion.

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