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“Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub,” is how that old nursery rhyme goes.

Although people who hear those lyrics today might wonder why there were three men in a tub and what their intentions were! But then, maybe they were just having a bathtub party…. What?

That’s right! There is actually a day devoted to breaking out the bubble bath liquid or those favorite essential oils and drawing a nice warm bath to enjoy. There’s nothing that’s quite as relaxing as a nice dip in the tub, even for those who are normally more the showering type.

And as for those three men in a tub? Well, it’s probably best to imagine that they were just celebrating Bathtub Party Day too!

History of Bathtub Party Day

Thomas and Ruth Roy are the folks behind Bathtub Party Day and they love it so much, they’ve even copyrighted it. They run a nice little website with various quirky celebration days and they also offer a selection of herbs and essential oil recipes for aromatherapy, all of which are perfect for celebrating this day.

Although it’s a little unclear what year the first Bathtub Party Day was celebrated, it seems that it was probably sometime in the early 2000’s. And it has been gaining ground ever since.

How to Celebrate Bathtub Party Day

Take a Bubble Bath

A bath does seem incomplete without bubbles for some reason, so feel free to add bubble bath. Many people find that baths with essential oils can actually be more calming and satisfying.

Once those logistics are figured out and there is a nice dry towel on hand, go ahead and fill that bathtub with warm water, silence the cell phone, and put on some relaxing music. Just imagine how relaxing it will be to be surrounded by warm water, pleasant fragrances, and delightful candles. You’ll find it difficult to come up with a reason not to celebrate Bathtub Party Day.

Try a New Scented Bath Bomb

In recent years, bath bombs have become all the rage. From inexpensive bath bombs at the local dollar store to uber-chic ones at places like Lush, there’s probably a bath bomb scent that could make almost anyone happy! Some of them even have glitter in them.

They can also be made at home. Try these special scents for Bathtub Party Day:

  • Chamomile and Lavender. For a super relaxing bath time.
  • Grapefruit and Ginger. Inspires an energetic feeling.
  • Pumpkin Spice. Ideal for enjoying a bath in the autumn.
  • Peppermint Oil. Get in the holiday spirit with winter mint scents.

Host a Bathtub Party

Since this is a holiday we’re talking about, celebrations are, by all means, encouraged to include things like friends, hot chocolate, and wine. After all, it’s not just Bathtub Day, but Bathtub Party Day, so people may as well take the opportunity to turn it into a fun, social occasion with friends.

Of course, you can also use your creativity to create your own unique bathtub party. If the bathtub isn’t big enough to fit everyone on the guest list, consider moving it to a hot tub, or even a swimming pool!

Buy a New Bathtub

Sure, most homes and apartments in the US already come with a bathtub in them, so it can probably be assumed that part is already covered. But just in case it isn’t…consider investing in a new bathtub inspired by bathtub party day! Go classic and try out an old-fashioned copper bathtub. Or, better yet, a Victorian-style clawfoot would be the ideal setting for many relaxing baths!

For those who are feeling particularly dedicated to the day, here are some suggestions for crazy bathtubs:

  • Blow-Up Bathtub. This one is great for folks who don’t have space to keep a bathtub around all the time. Just keep it deflated until the mood strikes, and then blow it up and fill it. Honestly, this would probably work just as well with a small, kiddie swimming pool!
  • Wooden Bathtub. Forget that boring old porcelain. People loving a natural flair for their decor can actually get a bathtub that is carefully carved out of wood. They might be made from walnut, oak or some other wood. Don’t worry, it will be specially treated carefully so that it is waterproof.
  • Yin-Yang Bathtub. Hoping to enjoy a bathtub party for two but don’t really want to share the same water? A bathtub created in the shape of yin and yang offers two different basins for water that are nested together to create one space. The perfect solution!
  • High Heel Bathtub. Sure, it’s ridiculous, but it’s also loads of fun. A bathtub in the shape of a high heel is just begging to participate in Bathtub Party Day!

Invest in New Bathtub Party Gear

Making the bathtub an enjoyable place to hang out is what this Bathtub Party Day is all about! The shopping list for this occasion could include various accessories such as blow up bathtub pillows, a new bottle of bubble bath, a bath organizer tray, or even a new shower head for rinsing off at the end. Don’t forget the scented candles and new, fluffy towels!

Take a Bathtub Selfie

It didn’t happen if it wasn’t shared on social media, right?! So be sure to get the word out about Bathtub Party Day by capturing that beautiful bubble bath selfie (perhaps before the hair is dunked and the makeup is washed off?) is a rite of passage when it comes to this day. Better yet, just take a picture of your feet propped up on the tap and be done with it!

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