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Feeling sleepy? That’s okay! On this day, it’s perfectly acceptable to take a little snooze no matter where you are. Because it’s time for National Public Sleeping Day!

History of National Public Sleeping Day

National Public Sleeping Day was founded with the purpose of encouraging people to be sure they get enough sleep. Consider all of the times it’s been a delight to see someone else have a bit of a nap in public, whether on a bus or in the waiting room of a medical office.

Babies sleep in public all the time, of course. And perhaps they are onto something! Take some time to enjoy this day to the fullest by getting a little bit of sleep in public.

How to Celebrate National Public Sleeping Day

Celebrating National Public Sleeping Day comes with all sorts of different opportunities to enjoy the whole purpose of the day. Get involved in the day with some of these ideas:

Grab a Power Nap

National Public Sleeping Day is a time when it’s okay to go ahead and get that power nap in, even while in a public place! Riding in the carpool? Get a little shuteye. Super bored at work? Sneak a few zzz’s while sitting at the desk. Whatever is happening, this is the day to go ahead and enjoy a little public sleeping!

Organize a Group Nap

Have a fun time on National Public Sleeping Day by grabbing a few friends, heading to a local coffee shop, a hotel lobby or some other hangout spot. Arrange a meeting place ahead of time and don’t forget to tell everyone to bring their own pillow! Snuggle up on a bench. Or curl up on a sofa or chair. Whatever the case, be sure to get that sleep done in public.

Those who feel uncomfortable about taking a nap in public might want to consider choosing a less obvious place – like a dark movie theater!

Learn More About the Benefits of Naps

In honor of National Public Sleeping Day, get a bit more on board by learning a bit more about the amazing benefits that taking a little nap can provide. Try some of these fun facts to get started:

  • Taking a nap can improve your memory

    Studies show that sleep can play an important part of the ability to store memories. Napping helps people to remember things including sense perception, verbal recall, motor skills and more.

  • Napping improves the mood

    Taking a nap can help a person to feel just a little bit better. The relaxation that comes from lying down and resting, even if the person doesn’t fall asleep, can be a mood booster.

  • Naps can help with jet lag

    People who nap on a regular basis may find that jet lag is easier to overcome because their circadian rhythms are already accustomed to getting sleep at unusual times.

  • Taking a nap may be good for the heart

    A study has shown that people who nap for 45-60 minutes a day tend to have lower blood pressure than those who don’t nap.

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