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Nothing sounds quite as relaxing as kicking back and relaxing in a hammock – and there’s no better way to celebrate National Hammock Day!

Get swinging and swaying in the backyard, or somewhere far beyond in the remote outdoors, with something as simple as a piece of fabric tied to a few strings!

History of National Hammock Day

Situated just in the middle of the summer, National Hammock Day celebrates everything related to relaxation, summer breezes and just ‘hanging’ out!

The invention of hammocks can be traced back to the Central and South Americas at least 1000 years ago. They seem to have been introduced to Christopher Columbus by the Taino people of the Bahamas on his voyages to the New World, and he then brought the concept back for Europeans to enjoy.

Hammocks were not originally created for relaxation and enjoyment as much as for protection from the elements and wild animals on the ground. Later in the 1600s, it was discovered that hammocks worked well for sleeping on ships, as it tended to reduce the amount of seasickness suffered by the sailors.

Now, hammocks have become a favorite part of leisure time, especially when used as a convenient and comfortable place for sleeping while hiking and camping.

How to Celebrate National Hammock Day

Celebrating National Hammock Day can obviously be pretty simple–just hang a hammock and climb in! But there might be some other more interesting ways to dig deeper and enjoy the day further. Try these creative thoughts or come up with some other ideas that will give National Hammock Day the place it deserves:

Hang Up a Hammock

Sure, it’s obvious, but it’s still the right place to start. Find two sturdy, conveniently located trees (or improvise – and it certainly doesn’t have to be limited to the outdoors), string up a comfy bed… and relax! The best spot might be near a big tree that provides shade, but the options are almost endless, really.

For those who don’t have any conveniently located trees, consider buying a hammock stand to keep in the backyard and hang a hammock on. They’re sturdy and don’t require the tying and re-tying each time like when hanging a hammock from a tree.

Buy a Hammock

For those who don’t have one, National Hammock Day is the perfect time to make an investment in the adventure of a hammock! Running from the very inexpensive to luxury models, hammocks offer long-lasting enjoyment. Some companies that sell hammocks even offer discounts (such as buy one-get one for 50% off) in honor and celebration of National Hammock Day.

Enjoy Various Activities in a Hammock

Just having and hanging a hammock isn’t enough–it’s necessary to relax and enjoy the time spent in it! Try these ideas for things to do in that comfortable swinging bed:

  • Take a Nap. Of course one of the things most people envision first when thinking of hammocks is using them to take a nap! It’s a delightful way to enjoy a little snooze and get some rest with the sounds and smells of nature all around.
  • Read a Book. One great way to relax in a hammock is by reading a favorite book or magazine. Although it’s certainly possible to use this as a time to read books for school or work, a better way to use hammock time is to read books that are simply delightful and relaxing, whose only purpose is simply to be enjoyed.
  • Enjoy the Breeze. If the hammock is positioned right, a little summer breeze might just come in the direction and keep things cool.
  • Swing. A hammock is all about the soothing state of swinging! Moving gently back and forth while wrapped up in a cocoon-like fabric can provide a comforting sensation that is hard to compete with!

Attend a National Hammock Day Event

Around the world, especially in the subculture of camping, hiking and outdoor living, National Hammock Day is becoming more and more popular. People can participate by themselves on their own or gather together in a group of friends to pay homage to the lovely vibes that spending time in a hammock brings.

For instance, in 2018, more than 3600 campers committed to sleeping under the stars in hammocks for National Hammock Day. Kammock (a company that sells hammocks and other outdoor gear) hosted an event in Austin, Texas that included live music, snacks (such as popsicles and kombucha), and obviously getting out into nature to enjoy swinging, hanging and sleeping in hammocks.

Those who don’t live near an existing event shouldn’t let that stop them! Maybe it’s time to consider starting a new National Hammock Day event. It certainly doesn’t have to be sponsored by a company. Some different organizations and groups that have been inspired to organize National Hammock Day events include local libraries, outdoor climbing or hiking groups, campgrounds and more.

Listen to Hammock Inspired Music

Fire up a playlist of songs that are inspired by hammock-related things such as relaxation, island themes and enjoying the outdoors. Start with these songs and come up with a list of others to add:

  • The Hammock Song (2014) by David Cline. This fun song has all of the fun road-trip and hammock sleeping vibes a person could want!
  • The Island Song (2017) by Seven Less Shadows. Sure, the hammock only gets one mention, but the whole song is about friendship and ocean breezes.
  • Swingin’ on a Hammock (1930) Kate Smith. A classic ode to the joy and beauty of sharing a hammock with a loved one.
  • Hammock (2014) by Tyler Sjöström. A bluegrass vibe comes from this lighthearted song dedicated to spending time in a “hammock all day”.

Learn About the Health Benefits of Hammocks

Many people don’t know that sleeping in a hammock can actually be good for the health! Some studies have shown that people who sleep in hammocks tend to fall asleep faster and get more restorative sleep than those who sleep in normal beds.

Certain health experts even agree that sleeping in a hammock can possibly take pressure off of the spine and reduce the incidence and severity of back pain. (Of course, the hammock must offer strong support, and it’s a good idea to check with a doctor to be sure!)

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