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May 20th

Learn about Be a Millionaire Day

The term “millionaire” first appeared in the English language in a letter written by Lord Byron in 1816. There were only a few millionaires at the time, but thanks to the Industrial Revolution, more millionaires were created outside of the aristocracy. Today there are more than 12 million millionaires scattered around the globe. The origins of Be a Millionaire Day may be unknown, but the day honors the desire to enjoy the freedom and power associated with being financially secure.

If you’re an aspiring millionaire, and who isn’t, why not celebrate Be a Millionaire Day by following the advice of the most successful sports performance coaches. Use visualization techniques to see yourself surrounded by luxury, free of monetary concerns, and living your life on your terms. Then get down to business – get financial advice, find extra sources of income, save, live within your means and commit to becoming a millionaire.