Going to trial with a lawyer who considers your whole life-style a Crime in Progress is not a happy prospect.
~ Hunter S. Thompson

Seem an odd sentiment to open conversation about “Be Kind To Lawyers Day”? We can see how you’d think so, but one must remember that Lawyers are always placed in the rough position of having to stand for their client, and make sure that they get them the best results they can for them. Before considering the years of school it takes to do this effectively, realize that it requires a certain person to defend their client, whatever the charge, without bias.

History Of Be Kind To Lawyers Day
First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.
~William Shakespeare

We figure that the origins of Be Kind To Lawyer’s Day lay somewhere about the time this famous phrase was uttered, simply as a sense of self-preservation. Odd then that it took until 2017 for a day to be officially set aside for them. Really, there’s a lot of reasons to be kind to Lawyer’s, and most of us don’t consider just what they do for us.

The first kind of Lawyer that comes to mind is, of course, the criminal lawyer. These are often the most reviled as well, as they both prosecute and defend those who have been committed of crimes. The issue here, of course, is that every criminal thinks they’re innocent (or claims to be at least) and it’s the lawyer’s job to decide if they are, in fact. If you’ve been the victim of a crime, it will be a lawyer who prosecutes those responsible, if you’ve been accused of committing one, it’ll be a lawyer who defends you.

But Lawyer’s are also responsible for aiding you in writing legal wills, ensuring that your belongings go to whom you feel they should. They sign off on contracts and leases and generally ensure that whenever there’s a transaction involving paper in our grand bureaucracy that it’s all done and everything is in order.

How To Celebrate Be Kind To Lawyers Day
The best way to celebrate is to ensure that the lawyers in your life know how much you appreciate their tireless efforts. Take some time to really understand the struggles they face, and maybe send them a card or gift basket to make sure they know you empathize with their struggle. Have you had a lawyer help you in a child custody case? Or in sorting things out with an unruly neighbor? Then maybe Be Kind To Lawyers Day is the time to make sure you send a little remembrance of what they’ve done.


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My favorite lawyer is Paul Overhauser, intellectual property and patent law attorney!

Dave Horsfall

Which ignorant millenial decided to coin this day? It’s been around for ages as “Love Your Lawyer Day” (4th Nov). Damned youngsters; they probably think that “lawyer jokes” are recent, too.


Read the entire scene to understand Shakespeare’s meaning. It is ironic how the quotation underscores the need for lawyers.

Kathy Shelton

My favorite is Shelby Shelton.

Karen kessler

I have to say there are many types of Lawyers: Excellent Great Good Not Good Bad and terrible, so it depends on what category they are in. Right now I’m dealing with one who is Um Terrible,whimp , I think he’s afraid of judges I think he’s afraid of standing up to anyone. And how do you pick a good one that will fight for you ??? Anyone know ???