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International ASMR Day

ASMR can help sufferers of PTSD, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It can also help relax you, no matter the reason. Check out Youtube to experience this phenomenon.

National Mature Women’s Day

Wise and accomplished, women embrace life's chapters, radiating strength and wisdom, a celebration of experience and resilience.

Global Holistic Wealth Day

Complete well-being, weaving prosperity across life facets, encompasses fulfillment, health, and purpose in a seamless tapestry of existence.

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How to celebrate Apr 9th

Start your day with some soothing ASMR videos to kickstart a calming atmosphere. Take a moment to reflect on the importance of identity management and honor those who have paved the way before you. Show appreciation for mature women in your life by reaching out and sharing some love. Embrace holistic wealth by decluttering your space and focusing on what truly brings you joy. Visit your local library and thank the hardworking library workers for their dedication.

As you go about your day, remember the strength and resilience of former prisoners of war. Take a moment to celebrate the life and achievements of Winston Churchill in your own way. Scatter some unicorn-themed decor around your space to add a touch of magic to your day. Dive into discussions about equal pay and advocate for fairness and equality in all aspects of life.

Take some time to cherish antique items that hold sentimental value or bring back fond memories. Be kind to lawyers by acknowledging the important role they play in upholding justice. Lastly, have some fun by inventing a new name for yourself and embracing this alter ego for the day.

Incorporate elements of each holiday into your day to create a unique and fulfilling experience. Remember to engage with each theme in a lighthearted and amusing manner, making the most of this motley collection of holidays. Cheers to a day filled with celebration, reflection, and a hint of whimsy!

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Identity Management Day

Efficiently securing and organizing digital profiles enhances online safety and streamlines access across various platforms seamlessly.

National Library Workers Day

Thank your librarian, or even volunteer at your local library to gain an appreciation for what these hard-working public servants do every day for our society.

National Winston Churchill Day

Find out about the remarkable, often quoted figure who was only the second person to become an “Honorary US Citizen”.

National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day

Honoring the sacrifice of those who endured captivity in service to their nation, their bravery is a testament to the human spirit.

National Unicorn Day

Bake delicious, fanciful Unicorn cupcakes, watch a fantasy movie like The Chronicles of Narnia, or research the history of these elegant mythological creatures.

National Equal Pay Day

Despite many gains and improvement, women around the world receive significantly less pay than their male counterparts. Learn about why and how to change it.

National Cherish An Antique Day

Ask the older members of your family about the histories behind the antiques in your home. Clocks, dishware, jewelry and more can hold surprising stories.

International Be Kind to Lawyers Day

Lawyers have high-stress jobs, require a lot of schooling, and are one of the most popular punchlines to jokes, so be kind to the lawyers in your life.

National Name Yourself Day

Maybe you always felt like your name didn’t reflect who you are, or maybe you just want to try something new. Re-invent yourself for one day by choosing a new name..


National Library Week

Silent realms of knowledge, these havens harbor stories and wisdom, inviting exploration beyond the whispers of time.


FOP Awareness Month

Raising awareness for a rare condition, efforts unite to support those facing the challenges of Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva.

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International Guitar Month

Exploring melodies, strings resonate with rhythm, evoking emotions and stories through the power of music.

Global Volunteer Month 

Supporting causes, aiding communities, and making a difference, volunteering enriches lives and fosters connections among people.

National Alcohol Awareness Month

Promoting mindful choices, understanding limits, fostering informed decisions for a healthier relationship with alcohol and well-being.

National Soy Foods Month

Exploring a diverse palate with plant-based delicacies, discovering the savory richness and versatility of nourishing soy creations.

National Food Month

Savor diverse culinary delights, a journey of tastes transcending borders, igniting a symphony on your palate.

National Month of Hope

Persistent light, enduring strength, unwavering spirit, an anchor in uncertainty, a beacon through challenges, resilient optimism.

National Soft Pretzel Month

Twisted dough, golden brown, salty delight, satisfying cravings — the perfect snack for any occasion, simply delicious.

Animal Cruelty Prevention Month

Championing the welfare of innocent beings, advocating for compassion and justice to create a world free from harm.

National Volunteer Month

Contributing time and effort, making a positive impact, these endeavors embody the spirit of selflessness and community betterment.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Realities exposed, voices united—confronting challenges and fostering empathy in the quest for justice and healing after assault.

National Kite Month

Whispers of wind, colorful fabrics dancing, defying gravity — an artful ballet where tethered dreams ascend the sky's canvas.

National Garden Month

Spring is in the air! Explore the beauty of gardens, or get some dirt under your own nails, whether from pots by the window or a flowery expanse of your own.

National Poetry Month

Lord Byron, Shel Silverstein, Emily Dickinson…you? Honor one of the richest literary forms by writing or reading poetry, learning about poets, or joining a community.

Autism Acceptance Month

Support research and education, learn about the symptoms and effects, and be better prepared to help those with autism in your life during Autism Acceptance Month.

National Pickleball Month

Amidst spirited rallies, a sport emerges, blending finesse and camaraderie, captivating enthusiasts with its distinctive charm on the court.

Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month

In the face of adversity, the human spirit triumphs. Embracing resilience and celebrating the triumphs of those who overcome challenges brings hope and inspiration to all.

Stress Awareness Month

Stress is linked to physical, mental, and emotional health. During Stress Awareness Month, learn about what triggers stress and how to manage it.

National Jazz Appreciation Month

Learn about the history and heritage of jazz, listen to the greats, or find a local jazz club to engage with one of the United States’ richest musical movements.

Poetic Earth Month

Allow the Earth’s beauty to inspire you, and enjoy and share poetry, stories, or art to connect with your planet during Poetic Earth Month.

National Couple Appreciation Month

Take some time to appreciate romance and companionship, whether with a romantic getaway or date, or a just a small gesture reminding your person how you feel.

Adopt A Ferret Month

Is it a cat? Is it a snake? Yes, it’s a ferret! These uncommon but loveable pets can make a great addition to the right home, but make sure to do your research first.

Straw Hat Month

They block the sun, keep the rain off, evoke a simpler time and place, and look timelessly stylish. If you don’t have a straw hat yet, it might be time to get one.

Month of the Military Child

Wear purple to honor the sacrifices and stress involved in being a military kid: separation, losing or fearing the loss of a parent, frequent moving, and more.

Active Dog Month

Dogs need exercise and fun just as much—if not more—than their humans. Bond with your furry friends by playing, running, or exploring new places with them.

Summer Tire Changeover Month

Different treads and tire designs are better for different conditions. So as the weather warms up, don’t forget to change from your Winter tires to your Summer tires.

National Decorating Month

Get creative and crafty, and bring life back to your home by painting, arranging furniture, and otherwise decorating the space you spend so much time in.

Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Learn about the effects of Parkinson’s Disease, how to help those who have it, or donate to foundations and research during Parkinson’s Awareness Month.

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