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Beans Month bursts into July with a celebration of one of the world’s favorite and most versatile ingredients—beans!

This entire month is dedicated to enjoying and appreciating the various kinds and uses of beans, from snacks to main dishes.

Each July 1st marks the start of this flavorful month, providing a whole thirty-one days to explore the wide variety of bean dishes across cultures.

People love Beans Month for several reasons. Primarily, it’s a time to highlight how nutritious and tasty beans can be.

Beans aren’t just good for your health; they’re also a delight for the palate, capable of transforming into hearty meals or light accompaniments. Their high fiber content is excellent for heart health and digestion, making them a smart choice for any meal.

Moreover, beans connect us to many different cultural traditions, showcasing how food can bring people together.

The celebration of Beans Month encourages everyone to discover and try new recipes. It’s a perfect opportunity to experiment with beans you’ve never cooked before or to innovate on traditional recipes with new twists.

Whether you incorporate beans into your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or even use them in snacks, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy this diverse food. Dive into the month and see just how exciting beans can be!

History of Beans Month

Beans Month has a rich history tied to the culinary and cultural significance of beans in various societies. The celebration of beans, particularly baked beans, in the form of a dedicated month, was established by the Michigan Bean Commission in 1981.

The commission’s goal was to promote the benefits and versatility of beans, a staple food that has been integral to diets worldwide due to their nutritional value​​.

Beans have been a part of the human diet for thousands of years. Historical records suggest that beans were cultivated by ancient civilizations across the Americas, where they were a key component of traditional diets.

The preparation of baked beans, a beloved variant, began with Native Americans who introduced European settlers to the process.

This led to the dish becoming a staple in North American cuisine. Over time, companies like Heinz and Bush began to commercialize the preparation and distribution of canned baked beans, further popularizing the food​​.

The designation of July as Beans Month provides an annual opportunity to celebrate this humble yet powerful food item. It’s a time to recognize not just the nutritional benefits of beans—rich in fiber, protein, and other essential nutrients—but also their role in cultural traditions around the world. Each year, the celebration encourages the exploration of new recipes and the rediscovery of traditional ways to enjoy beans.

How to Celebrate Beans Month

Host a Bean Banquet

Why not invite friends over for a bean-themed potluck? Everyone can bring a different bean dish. Think beyond chili—maybe a bean salad or even a bean dessert!

Bean Around the World

Set off on a culinary journey from your kitchen by cooking bean dishes from different cultures. One night it could be Mexican frijoles, another Indian rajma.

Creative Bean Art

Get artsy with beans. They make great materials for mosaic art projects. Whether it’s a bean portrait or a scenic landscape, the variety of bean colors can spark anyone’s creativity.

Bean Movie Night

How about a movie marathon with bean-inspired snacks? Whip up some nachos with bean dip or bake a batch of bean brownies for a sweeter treat during your favorite films.

Visit a Farmers’ Market

Take a trip to your local farmers’ market to discover varieties of fresh beans. Chat with growers about their favorite ways to cook and enjoy beans.

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