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The true Cornish way to eat a pasty is to hold it in the hand, and begin to bite it from the opposite end to the initial, so that should any of it be uneaten it may be consumed later by its rightful owner. And woe betides anyone who takes’s another person’s “corner”!

Cornish Recipies Ancient and Modern

Pastries are a beloved treat among many bakers. They can come in a variety of ways, such as tarts, croissants, cannolis, baklava, macaroons, and more. However, there’s a unique pastry in Britain that is a hidden treasure among the populous, and that’s the Cornish pasty. Cornish Pasty Week is a week dedicated to the history and tradition of this delicious treat.

History of Cornish Pasty Week

Cornish pasties come from Cornwall, England and were made for Cornish miners in the 19th century. The point behind the Cornish pasty was that the miners would be able to have a hearty, easy-to-hold lunch while at work.

The crust would be thick so it can keep the contents warm and not contaminated easily, and are usually made either with a savory meat filling or a sweet jam filling. Generally, a Cornish pasty is made with a shortbread crust or puff pastry has to be crimped on the edges and is mostly made with minced meat and diced vegetables.

However, it can also be used as sweet by being filled with all kinds of delicious jams and then baked to perfection.

More than 120 million pasties are made each year, so many thought, why not celebrate the Cornish pasty? Cornish Pasty Week began back in 2018 by the Cornish Pasties Association, an organization that celebrates the history and distinctiveness of the Cornish pasty.

The organization hosted events all over Britain to share and celebrate the Cornish pasty and it became a successful holiday from there on. Through various events all over, people were able to celebrate by eating delicious Cornish pasties, learn about its amazing history in Britain, and introduced others outside of Britain to a delicious treat.

How to Celebrate Cornish Pasty Week

Celebrate Cornish Pasty Week by looking at recipes online and finding the perfect Cornish pasty. If you find a recipe that you love, given them to your kids as they head off to school, or give them to your husband or wife as they head off to work.

Give them to your coworkers for that special campaign event, or just bring them with you wherever you go. Share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #CornishPastyWeek and let your friends know its time to make some pasties.

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