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Global Belly Laugh Day is a day for having a good, deep chuckle at anything at all! Whether it’s reading from a joke of the day calendar or seeing something funny on the internet, getting in a good laugh each day is an excellent practice. But there is one day out of the year that it’s extra important to practice that type of laughing that comes from deep down. It’s Global Belly Laugh Day!

History of Global Belly Laugh Day

The discipline of science that studies laughter is called gelotology. While scientists can’t be exactly sure about the history of laughter, laughter has presumably been around since the very first human beings were on the earth!

Laughter can be a response to either external or internal stimuli, whether a child is being tickled by a parent or a person simply thinks of something inside their head that is really funny. More than simply a response to something funny, however, scientists have also found that laughter is an important part of human communication and relationships.

A belly laugh is something beyond a mere giggle or chuckle as it is considered to be a loud, hearty laugh that is sometimes uncontrollable. And the best way to celebrate Global Belly Laugh Day is to get out there and experience one!

How to Celebrate Global Belly Laugh Day

People laugh for different reasons and find different things funny. So Global Belly Laugh Day is about finding what is funny for each person, and also trying to share in the joy. Get started with these ideas:

Read or Watch Something Funny

Comedy isn’t always easy to manufacture and belly laughs seem to be especially rare. But popping on a video of a comedian is a good way to start. Check out a funny movie or a sitcom. Or grab the comics (also called funny papers!) or a silly joke book and get those laughs flowing.

Practice Laughter Yoga

Also called Hasyayoga, Laughter Yoga is a practice that involves voluntary, intentional laughter, even if there isn’t necessarily something funny happening.

Clubs can be found all over the world where participants intentionally laugh together, producing a sense of playfulness and well-being.

Many times, the silliness of the practice of intentionally laughing can actually strike people as funny and turn into genuine laughter. Either way, the body gets the benefits from the practice.

This is the day to get people anywhere and everywhere engaged in a good, old-fashioned belly laugh!

Learn the Health Benefits of Laughter

Many people don’t know that laughter has been known to offer a variety of health benefits that can counteract disease and health problems. Here are some of the reasons laughter is so good for you:

  • Laughter is known to stimulate the body to produce its own painkillers. It has an analgesic effect on the body when endorphins are released, increasing the pain threshold.

  • Laughter reduces stress, creating a feeling of relaxation and soothing out tension. This, in turn, improves the mood and creates a general sense of well-being and happiness.

  • Laughter improves the immune system. While negative thoughts have a tendency to manifest into chemicals that work against the body, laughter and positive thoughts increase the neuropeptides that protect the body from illness and disease.

  • Laughter can cause the tissue lining in the blood vessels to expand and therefore increase blood flow, which makes a person healthier. In fact, even just looking forward to something funny in advance or thinking back on something funny that happened in the past may have similar positive effects as the act itself.

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