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Beer, we’re all familiar with it. There are advertisements for it on TV, it’s a hallmark of gatherings on the tailgate and the quintessential go to for after-work relaxation. With its ancient heritage and pedigree, beer has been produced, sold, and bottled by cultures all over the world since time out of mind. During that time, different methods of bottling it have been discovered, and making each vintage stand out from the rest has been paramount. National Beer Can Appreciation Day is here to remind you of the artistry and talent that goes into those simple aluminum cans that hold this precious elixir of life.

History of National Beer Can Appreciation Day

Beer has been one of the staples of health and diet for thousands of years, and there are those who say that access to Beer is one of the reasons that the slaves of Egypt were able to build those huge pyramids. The ability to preserve calories and not rot cannot be underestimated! While back then the beverage was held in clay vessels, the container of choice today is the aluminum can. This tradition was first started in 1935, and on the heels of it came a never ending parade of varieties of labeling.

From the serious to the comical, there’s no limit to what a label might contain. Beer can collectors all over the world have built sizable collections demonstrating the length and scope of artistic talent of beer can designers all over the world. It’s not just the art either! The technical innovations that have changed over the ages are also appreciated, from the first cans that had to be opened with a church key to modern cans that can be popped with just a pull of the thumb. That delightful hiss is always there to herald in the beginning of a great afternoon.

How to celebrate National Beer Can Appreciation Day

Your appreciation can start simple with a visit to your local grocery store. Beer of all varieties can be found on every shelf, and a close look will tell you that labeling is serious business. Beer cans come in every variety you can imagine, including those put out by bands. One particularly iconic beer label is for Iron Maiden beer, which contains the iconic mascot of the band, Evil Eddie! For some real variety, you can go to a collectors convention or even just pop over to a proper alcohol dealer to really get a spread. Once you finish admiring the can, pop it open and enjoy the frothy brew inside!

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