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There’s no question that technology has been a catalyst that has changed the entire world, especially over the past half-century or so. Computers that started out the size of a house could originally only do basic mathematics. And today, people carry around in their pockets these extremely sophisticated computers with almost endless capabilities at the touch of a button – or screen.

Macintosh Computer Day is here to acknowledge and celebrate the impact that this technology, particularly from the world of Mac and Apple, has made a difference in people’s lives.

History of Macintosh Computer Day

Celebrating the anniversary of the day that the first Macintosh computer was introduced to the world in 1984, Macintosh Computer Day is the observance of everything that Apple lovers want and stand for!

Starting out as the first Apple Computer 1, an 8-bit desktop computer was built in 1976 and was quickly replaced the following year by the Apple II. It wasn’t for another few years that the Apple founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, would finally create the Macintosh. It was first advertised to the world during a commercial break at the 1984 Super Bowl, in an ad that was directed by famous movie director, Ridley Scott.

In the decades since that fateful release, the world of Macintosh and Apple has continued to develop with innovation that leads to moving forward, whether it’s small steps or huge leaps. Now, it’s time to observe and celebrate Macintosh Computer Day!

How to Celebrate Macintosh Computer Day

Check out some of these fun and interesting ways to enjoy and pay heed to Macintosh Computer Day:

Buy a New Macintosh Computer

Perhaps the celebration of Macintosh Computer Day is the perfect time to consider making a purchase of a new Mac computer. Of course, these super sleek laptop or desktop Mac computers can be a bit expensive (ranging from a few hundred dollars for a Mac Mini to several thousand dollars or more for a Macbook Pro) so maybe this type of shopping is a bit more on the dreaming side than the reality side. But, either way, it can be fun to browse, either online or in a store that stocks Apple products.

Watch Old Macintosh Computer Ads

In honor of Macintosh Computer Day, it might be fun to do a little reaching into the background of the Mac world and watch some vintage ads. The original one that was viewed at the 1984 Super Bowl only takes a minute to watch, and some others might be fun to search out as well.

Learn Some Fun Facts About Macintosh Computers

Now that Macintosh Computer Day is here, celebrate by learning and sharing some of these interesting bits of trivia with friends:

  • Prior to the Mac, the Apple computer “Lisa” was named after Steve Jobs’ daughter.

  • Every original Mac of the 128K model has signatures from everyone on the Apple team.

  • Steve Jobs was kicked out of Apple in 1985, so he formed NeXT, which was eventually bought back by Apple.

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