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Black Friday has always been the epitome of American consumerism, but it did not start out that way. These days it’s all about shopping, where retailers make huge cuts in their prices and open their doors at extremely early hours for those who love to camp outside. People lining up to be the first is the whole idea behind Black Friday, so let’s learn more about it!

History of Black Friday

Black Friday has had a long history than its shopping holiday counterparts, as it has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas holiday season since 1952 when the idea of shopping for Christmas gifts ahead of time became a popular concept.

Since it takes place the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday has been one of the busiest and most hectic shopping days of the year. The term “Black Friday” did not originate as a term for shopping, but rather a financial crisis according to In 1869, the U.S. gold market crashed, causing chaos for the Wall Street financiers.

The term wasn’t used again until the 1950’s in Philadelphia when police used the term to describe the chaos that ensued when suburban shoppers and tourists would flood into the city for the big Army-Navy football game every year.

It originally had a negative notation, but by the time the 1980’s rolled around, retailers reformed the term into a positive one, and most people saw this as an opportunity to create profit.

However, overtime Black Friday has stretched out into the Thanksgiving holiday, as retailers would start opening their doors earlier to allow customers to frantically buy their products. This has caused some safety issues, as crowds of people would flood stores to get their items, causing chaos at times.

Although in 2016 there were over 101.7 million people who joined the fiasco, that number has been decreasing significantly over time, as people have been switching from outdoor shopping to online shopping. Nevertheless, it is still a holiday that reigns with famous stories that continue to uncover the excitement of consumers.

How to celebrate Black Friday

If you’re willing to brave the large crowds in your favorite stores, then join them in the pandemonium that Black Friday shopping. It’s best to try and plan ahead, check out the deals your favorite stores are offering, and coordinate with your friends about where and when to go.

You can set alarm clocks, bring snacks, and dress for the occasion depending on where you are. Or if you’re not into the large crowds, then maybe watch from afar and wait for the commotion to be at ease. You also wait for Cyber Monday if that’s more your pace.

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