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Whether you are a professional artist, a casual doodler – or someone who doesn’t draw but really appreciates those who do – this day is for you. National Illustration Day can be enjoyed by anyone who has ever appreciated a cool persuasive poster, creative flier, compelling ad, digital animation, nostalgic children’s picture book or any other piece of media that includes delightful illustrations! 

History of National Illustration Day

Founded in the UK in 2023, by the Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration, this day acts as an opportunity for all humans to celebrate the illustrated pictures that make life more interesting, as well as the people who make and create them. The event encourages teachers and schools from all over the UK to participate with activities to celebrate National Illustration Day in the classroom.

One of the purposes of National Illustration Day is not only to show appreciation for the talent of existing illustrators, but also to foster creativity in the young minds of the future generation. With this in mind, the Quentin Blake Centre partners with schools and other spaces where children are learning to draw, building into their natural talent and improving learned skills with free resources to help move them to the next level.

How to Observe National Illustration Day

There are so many different fun ways to celebrate and enjoy National Illustration Day, including some of these ideas and activities to get started with:

Celebrate an Illustrator

Know any professional, amateur or budding illustrators? National Illustration Day is the ideal time to pay special attention to them. Send them a card or note to say how talented they are. Take them out for coffee or lunch. Or perhaps gift them with a new sketchpad or set of pencils. Generally, just spoil them with things that they love in honor of this important day!

Practice Drawing

Many people think that they are not creative or artistic, but it often has to do with how much they practice! Even if it’s just drawing doodles on a napkin from the pub or in the margins of a notebook, anytime the hand is drawing, the brain is learning. It might be fun to get on board with National Illustration Day by picking up some supplies like a new sketchbook and then heading out with the intention of spending a bit of time drawing. Focus and channel those creative energies without any pressure, and perhaps it will be delightful to see what comes out!

Share Some Illustrations Online

This is the time to go viral with illustration! Get onto social media such as Instagram or Facebook and share some pictures of illustrations by favorite creators and artists. The website for Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration typically hosts a page that allows parents or teachers of school children to submit their illustrations to be featured in a virtual art and illustration gallery in observance of National Illustration Day. Art teachers and other educators can also get connected by signing up on the website to receive emails about workshops, professional development and more. 

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