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Bladder Cancer Awareness Month is held annually and is a global campaign that focuses attention on bladder cancer.

Around five percent of all cancer cases are bladder cancer. Bladder Cancer Awareness Month is about letting people know about this lesser-known form of cancer as well as raising money to support those that have bladder cancer. There are several different ways that you can take part in Bladder Cancer Awareness Month.

How to Observe Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

If you would like to take part in Bladder Cancer Awareness Month then you can do this by making regular donations to help in the fight against bladder cancer. With the funds supplied to the charity going towards supporting patients, you could help improve the lives of those affected by bladder cancer. There are a number of different bladder cancer charities so it is suggested that you choose the right one for you. Read up on how your money will be spent once it has been received by the charity.

Other ways that you can get involved during the month include helping out with patients and their families. If you know someone that is struggling with bladder cancer at the moment, offering to support them and their family will mean that they can enjoy a better quality of life. Get in touch with your local charity to find out how you can help out those in need.

As previously mentioned, bladder cancer accounts for 5% of all cancers and is often overlooked or not spoken about. Throughout Bladder Cancer Awareness Month, you could also help out by spreading the word about bladder cancer and raising awareness of it. You can do this via social media by sharing Facebook posts and Tweets from bladder cancer charities with your family and friends.

There are also Bladder Cancer Awareness months frames for using on your profile picture throughout the month. You can also use the hashtag #BladderCancerAware and @BladderCancerUK. Being part of the conversation about bladder cancer will help to raise its profile and will make people aware of its different symptoms. 

You may want to do some of your own fundraising for Bladder Cancer Awareness Month. For instance, you may want to take up a sporting challenge and seek sponsorship for it, or you may want to sign up for a mass fundraising event such as runs or sky diving. Whatever you choose to do, get in touch with your chosen bladder cancer charity to find out how you go about collecting sponsorship for them.

Throughout the month, you could also wear orange which is the Bladder Cancer Awareness color. You could choose to wear items that you own that are already orange, or you could buy a t-shirt from one of the bladder cancer charities. You may also want to wear orange if you are partaking in any fundraising activity for the cause.

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