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As pop culture continues to include stories of mysterious and mystical fantasy, the idea of reaching beyond the mundane world of human limits and into worlds of magic has become even more compelling.

Whether it’s learning about the history of real potions that have been used for medicinal and healing purposes, or taking a more light-hearted fictional approach, National Brew a Potion Day offers a fun and interesting challenge.

Get into the spirit of brewing up unique concoctions and celebrate the positive effects of creativity – because it’s National Brew a Potion Day!

History of Brew a Potion Day

Often considered a part of the practice of witchcraft, the creation of magical potions has been around for centuries. Since ancient times, certain people who often live on the edges of society have been paying keen attention to the plants, herbs, seeds and other parts of nature which might be combined to create a substance for healing.

Of course, potions haven’t always been used for healing. For those with more nefarious plans, stories of potions can bring about negative consequences such as illness, or even death.

To see potions at work in fiction, all a person has to do is reach into common fairy tales to consider magical spells and potions that have been used!

For instance, a shrinking potion such as the one in Alice in Wonderland. Or producing a keen sense of youth and vitality, such as in the musical fairy tale mashup, Into the Woods. Or perhaps it’s the potion that was used to turn someone green, like in the Wizard of Oz backstory tale, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West.

Whatever the motivation, whether for good or evil, mixing up potions comes with a history that has often been criticized and feared. The celebration of Brew a Potion Day looks at the lighter side of creating and brewing these interesting, unique and sometimes even magical concoctions.

How to Celebrate Brew a Potion Day

Consider some of these ideas for enjoying and celebrating Brew a Potion Day:

Throw a Brew a Potion Day Party

Gather friends together and celebrate the fun of fantasy and magic by hosting a party in honor of the day. Invite guests to dress up as their favorite magical character or fantasy creature. Then, consider imaginative potions that can be made with ingredients such as fairy dust or magic powder – such as love potions, kindness potions or bravery potions.

Or, for those who are trying to be a bit more practical, perhaps gather some earthly ingredients such as lavender and chamomile essential oils and create a delicious smelling sleep ‘potion’ to be used at bedtime.

Whatever the result, it’s all in good fun!

Read Some Fairy Tales on Brew a Potion Day

Whether it’s reading them to a favorite child or just enjoying them personally, Brew a Potion Day is a great time to reach back and read some classic fantasy novels or fairy tales that include potions. Consider the above-mentioned Alice in Wonderland, or jump into the Harry Potter stories that feature all sorts of creative potions and magic.

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