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Forget about those worries or struggles, set aside those fears of the future or bad times of the past. Because this is the time to celebrate Good Memory Day!

History of Good Memory Day

The human brain is complex and unique, and the memory continues to be part of the brain that is difficult to understand. Scientists have been studying the brain and memory for many decades, making some progress but still having a long way to go.

Good Memory Day was established to encourage people to set aside time to think positive thoughts that are related to events of the past. Whether it’s remembering the delightful day that your baby was born, or savoring the memory of the day you won that footrace in middle school, this is a great day for it!

And although this day can be celebrated just in the name of fun, it’s also good to know that the recall of positive memories can actually be good for you. In fact, some research has shown that regularly recalling positive memories may have the power to lower the risk of depression or even act as a reversal for depression in some people.

Good Memory Day acts as a great reminder to think about and focus on things in the past that have brought joy and enjoyment, no matter how small!

How to Celebrate Good Memory Day

Don’t forget to celebrate Good Memory Day by implementing some of these fun ideas for the day:

Create a Good Memory Book

One fantastic idea of celebrating Good Memory Day would be to take a walk down memory lane and create a resource that can be referred back to often. This might be something like a scrapbook that includes a number of different items. Or it could be just a photo album with notes next to the old pictures that act as a reminder of what good memories were taking place at the moment. Visual reminders can be super important and making a memory book or scrapbook is an ideal way to celebrate this day!

Learn How to Improve Your Memory

Good Memory Day brings with it some special attention to detail. Those who feel that they don’t really have a great memory might want to try some brain exercises that can help them to improve their memories.

Consider trying out some of these brain and memory exercises: 

  • Do math in your head

    Instead of rushing to use the calculator, try doing simple arithmetic problems in your head.

  • Learn a foreign language

    Some research has suggested that people who learn foreign languages may actually have larger brains.

  • Memorize lists and test your recall

    Whether it’s a list of US presidents or the groceries, working to remember them and then testing them an hour later is a great brain exercise.

  • Draw maps from memory

    Each time visiting a new location, make it a challenge to draw a map of the place from memory and then see how accurate it is.

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