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Libraries are an important part of society. They provide books that give us a wealth of knowledge and insight into many different topics, making them a hub of knowledge that everyone can explore. Perhaps that is why there has been an entire month dedicated to it in Canada, and if you want to know more about this day, then you will find some information down below.

Every year there is one month in the calendar that is known as Canadian Library month, and it is a time for everyone to think about the role that libraries play in the lives of Canadians. Once they were just a place to store books, but now they have become a central hub for people in the community, and they promote many important values such as freedom, political life, and justice.

History of Canadian Library Month

This event is an important one, as it highlights just how much libraries do for the society of Canada, including providing a variety of classes in subjects that are relevant to society such as health and wellness, computer skills, parenting and some of those other subjects that you won’t be taught about in a classroom!

Over 60% of Canadians have one or more library cards, and you will be welcomed into your local library with open arms. Despite the world of good that libraries do, they have come under attack in recent years by the government with budget cuts but still manage to keep an outstanding service going for all Canadians. That is why Canadian Library Month is held to reflect on all the good that these institutions do.

While this is a fairly new event, in fact only going as far back as 2017, this does not mean it is not a popular one. There are many libraries and library partners take part to show everyone just how valuable they are to society. The theme for 2017 and 2018 were the same, titled ‘A Visit Will Get You Thinking’ and explored the roles that libraries play in educating and teaching the community some of the most important skills and values.

How to celebrate Canadian Library Month

Supporting your local library is easier than you think. Different libraries will hold different events, workshops, and other options for you to join in with. There is going to be fun for the whole community, so just head down to your local library to find out more about what it is doing this year for this special month.

A lot of schools take part in this event too, holding reading challenges and competitions to encourage younger children into a love of reading. During Canadian Library Month, let people know how your library has helped you by either organizing an event, writing to your government representative or even just making a post on social media about how much it means to you.

Keep using the services that your local library provides, not just in this month, but every month to make sure you are keeping them going!

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