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Sweets for the sweet! National Candy Month was established especially for those who have an avid sweet tooth and are looking for an easy excuse to get busy buying, making and eating all of the candy they want during this month! 

History of National Candy Month

Some cultures consider chocolate to be a type of candy while others consider candy an exclusive name for sweets such as hard candy. However, it’s quite a generic term and can be used to describe toffee, marshmallows, licorice, gummy worms and so many other tasty items. No matter how people like to define the term “candy” in their world, National Candy Month gives plenty of opportunity to enjoy and celebrate all of the aspects of sweet, sugary goodness for thirty whole days in the month of June!

While certainly there are some people that may celebrate candy all year long, June has the privilege of being the official National Candy Month. National Candy Month was first celebrated in 1974 and since then it has been an important part of the calendar for those sweets lovers.

No one seems entirely sure why or how June became National Candy Month but, when the title gives you license to enjoy as much guilt-free candy as you like*, who cares?! That’s not to say June is without relevant history: it was in June 1963 that US confectioner Hershey’s acquired Harry Burnett Reese’s business (yes, the original Reese of Peanut Butter Cup fame) and going back even further, it was in June 1904 that George Cadbury and his staff invented Dairy Milk in the UK.

But whatever the reason that June was dubbed National Candy Month, the National Confectioners Association (NCA) thought it would be a great idea to offer people a special opportunity to show appreciation for all of the delicious sweets that they enjoy.

How to Celebrate National Candy Month

It’s no big difficulty to celebrate this time, National Candy Month offers all sorts of opportunities for folks to show appreciation for and pay their respects to this delightful and delicious invention. Get ready to get all sugared up with some of these ideas for celebrating:

Enjoy Some Candy

Obviously, the best way to go about celebrating National Candy Month is to buy or even make, some candy to enjoy personally as well as sharing it with others. Head on over to a large supermarket or a small convenience store and wander down that candy aisle.

Perhaps this would be a fun time to pick up a number of nostalgic candies that have been missing since childhood. Go for some retro-style candies such as Boston Baked Beans, candy dots, a big Charleston Chew, a pack of Sixlets or some Fun Dip. Of course a classic Snickers bar, a bag of gummy bears or some M&Ms would certainly do fine for celebrating as well.

Check Out National Candy Month Online

The folks over at the National Confectioners Association have a web page that allows them to share a variety of different events, resources and articles that might provide information and inspiration about ways to celebrate National Candy Month. 

Try Making Candy

Though candy making can be a complicated endeavor, this is a great time to perhaps try out some of those culinary skills in the kitchen! Perhaps start with something less complicated such as chocolate covered pecan caramel turtles or some simple peanut butter fudge.

Those who feel more adventurous for National Candy Month might be interested in trying to make something on a higher skill level, such as salt water taffy, peanut brittle or Grandma’s divinity candy. Whatever kind of candy making adventures are had in the kitchen, be sure to share the spoils with friends, family or coworkers and remind them that it’s the month to celebrate all sweet things!

* Please enjoy candy responsibly. Your dentist cares about your teeth and so do we.

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