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It can be easy to take for granted – or forget entirely – all of the work that a car battery puts into keeping the car going anywhere and everywhere it needs to be. Since the number one cause of car breakdowns is battery failure, Charge Your Car Day acts as an opportunity for people to celebrate their car batteries and serves as a reminder to get all charged up about it! 

History of Charge Your Car Day

When cars were first built, the technology was such that the only thing that it really needed the battery for was to start it. But today’s car batteries do many more things that contribute to the way a car functions and runs. From alarms to immobilizers, from keyless entry to onboard computers, the car battery works hard on various aspects of the vehicle to help keep these features going.

For those folks who drive a car that has an internal combustion engine (ICE), Charge Your Car Day was founded to bring a bit of attention to the praise a battery deserves for its excellent work and to give it some additional attention. It’s a time to remind people that their 12 volt car batteries may be given a boost by plugging them in, especially in cold weather. That’s why Charge Your Car Day is celebrated just at the beginning of the season of cooler weather that will begin taking place, at least in the northern hemisphere.

Charge Your Car Day is sponsored by CTEK, a battery company that works to provide battery products that maximize performance with safe, dependable and simple technology.

How to Celebrate Charge Your Car Day

Celebrate the simplicity of getting one place to the next by enjoying Charge Your Car Day! Show some love for your car and for this event by getting involved using some of these ideas and tips:

Charge That Car Battery

Those who have traditional car batteries can celebrate Charge Your Car Day by making sure they are charging their batteries overnight to give them a boost. Check out some of these facts to learn more about charging a car battery:

  • Some experts suggest that a car battery should be charged overnight at least one time per month, especially when most trips are short.
  • Charging a car battery regularly can maintain its health and extend its length of life up to three times.
  • It’s important to follow manufacturer’s instructions for battery charging.

Get a Battery Checkup

Even people who drive cars with a standard internal combustion engine should get their battery checked out every so often. Most car batteries will last about 5 years, give or take based on various conditions. It’s recommended to have a car battery checked every 6 months or so, and some places will even offer this service for free. Charge Your Car Day is an ideal time to make an appointment to get that car battery checked to make sure you never get stuck with the power to get wherever you are going!

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